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Naturals2Go: Empowering Veterans to Thrive as Entrepreneurs

Posted by VendTech Admin - November 7, 2023

Dallas Ketchum Shares His Success Story with Launching His Naturals2Go’s Healthy Vending Business



For many veterans, transitioning from military service to civilian life can be a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to finding a rewarding and fulfilling career. However, Naturals2Go, a leading healthy vending business, offers an enticing solution that resonates with veterans looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Dallas Ketchum, a seasoned military veteran turned successful owner-operator, who shares his inspiring journey with Naturals2Go and how it has provided him with the freedom, flexibility, and support he was seeking. 

A Journey of Service and Career Evolution

Dallas Ketchum, a former United States Army serviceman, served his country for nearly 27 years. Initially starting in the combat arms field and driving M1 Abrams tanks during the Gulf War, Dallas later transitioned to the medical field, becoming a medical laboratory specialist. His determination and hard work led to a commission as a transportation logistics officer before eventually retiring in 2015. 


Following his retirement, Dallas explored various career paths, including teaching logistics at the Army Logistics University and working in corporate America as a regional manager for a major food company. He also held positions in federal government agencies such as the Department of Army and the federal emergency management agency (FEMA). Dallas’s foray into entrepreneurship began with starting a small logistics company, which sparked his desire for further opportunities. 

Discovering Naturals2Go: A Perfect Fit

Dallas stumbled upon Naturals2Go while attending a franchise conference in San Antonio. What set Naturals2Go apart from other franchises was the genuine commitment and enthusiasm displayed by their team. Dallas was impressed by their availability, willingness to answer questions, and their eagerness to share information about the brand. Engaging with Naturals2Go gave him a sense of confidence and assurance. 


The Naturals2Go business model perfectly aligned with Dallas’s aspirations. It provided him with the flexibility to manage his time and work remotely while still generating revenue. The idea of working on his own terms and determining his success based on the effort he put in resonated deeply with Dallas. The allure of having the freedom to travel with his family further solidified Naturals2Go as the ideal choice for him. 

A Training Experience that Exceeded Expectations

When it came to training, Naturals2Go left no stone unturned. Dallas, known for his detailed-oriented approach, was thoroughly impressed by the meticulous planning, seamless execution, and exceptional communication throughout the training process. The training venue itself was well laid out, with an abundance of staff available to address any questions or concerns. As a logistics expert, Dallas greatly appreciated the comprehensive plan and the sense of support provided by Naturals2Go. 


By the time Dallas completed the training, he felt well-prepared and equipped to take on the vending business. The fact that the training involved not just salespeople, but actual operators and seasoned professionals from Naturals2Go further instilled him with confidence. Dallas knew he had a team of experts in his corner, ready to guide him every step of the way. 

Scaling Towards Success

As Dallas embarks on his journey as a Naturals2Go healthy vending operator, he has set ambitious goals for himself. To ensure a solid foundation, he plans to start with five machines initially. This approach will allow him to fully understand the business model, learn the intricacies of operating the machines, and fine-tune his strategies. Once he has familiarized himself with the process, Dallas plans to rapidly scale his operation, adding an additional five machines every three to four months. His goal to reach a total of 20 machines within a year to 14 months. 

A Supportive Network

One of the key aspects that impressed Dallas about Naturals2Go was the support system provided by the company. The genuine care and dedication of the Naturals2Go team made him feel confident and assured of their commitment to his success. Regular communication with his account manager and the availability of experienced professionals within the organization give Dallas the peace of mind that he can seek assistance whenever needed. Having a supportive team behind him encourages Dallas to face any challenges head-on with the knowledge that he has experts to rely on. 

A Family Affair

As Dallas’s vending business grows, he plans to involve his family in the venture. His wife will join him as they expand, and they view this opportunity as a way for their two teenage daughters to be introduced to business and take on responsibilities within the operation. Naturals2Go’s simple and straightforward business model makes it an ideal family endeavor, providing an opportunity for his daughters to learn about managing inventory, product selection, and pricing. 

Are You Ready to Start Your Business Ownership Journey?

Dallas Ketchum’s inspiring journey with Naturals2Go highlights the enormous potential the healthy vending business offers to veterans seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career as entrepreneurs. With its flexible business model, comprehensive training, and unwavering support, Naturals2Go empowers individuals like Dallas to embark on a successful entrepreneurial path. As Dallas scales his vending business, it is evident that the combination of entrepreneurial freedom, family involvement, and a supportive network makes Naturals2Go an exceptional and compelling choice for aspiring business owners. 


If you’re ready to explore the opportunities that Naturals2Go offers, talk to one of our business consultants today 




Author: VendTech Admin

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