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The Benefits of a Naturals2Go Business Opportunity Vs. a Traditional Franchise

Posted by VendTech Media - September 18, 2023
The Benefits of a Naturals2Go Business Opportunity Vs. a Traditional Franchise

“I don’t want to pay franchise fees or royalties.” 


That’s why you should partner with Naturals2Go! With us, the operator gets to keep 100% of their profits because we do not charge franchise fees or royalties. Simply put, you enjoy all the benefits of a franchise operation without actually being in one. 

Why Partner With Naturals2Go?

There are many great reasons to consider us for your entrepreneurial path. Here are some other reasons why partnering with Naturals2Go makes so much sense for entrepreneurs: 


    • No Ongoing Royalties: With Naturals2Go, there are no ongoing royalty fees. In many franchise arrangements, a percentage of profits go back to the franchisor and are a cost to the franchisee. Because we are a business opportunity, not a franchise, you keep 100% of your profits!
    • No Franchise Fee: With many franchises, there are franchise fees you pay for branding, marketing, etc. With Naturals2Go, there are no ongoing franchise fees. You choose where and when to invest funds into your business and you maintain complete control of your business.
    • Unlimited Scaling Opportunity: The majority of franchises have defined territories that you buy. If you want to scale your business, it means buying a completely new territory. With Naturals2Go, there are no territory limitations. You can scale as big and as far as you want there aren’t restrictions.
    • Low Upfront Investment: Starting a business can be financially intimidating, but Naturals2Go breaks down barriers by offering a low upfront investment. This accessible entry point allows you to venture into entrepreneurship without the overwhelming financial burden. 
    • Franchise-Level Support, Unrestricted: Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape can be complex, but Naturals2Go offers the best of both worlds – franchise-level support without the rigid constraints that often come with traditional franchises. You’ll benefit from valuable guidance and resources while retaining the flexibility to shape your business according to your vision. 
    • Lifetime Coaching & Support: Naturals2Go’s commitment extends beyond just the initial stages. With their lifetime coaching and support, you’ll have a reliable partner by your side, providing guidance, insights, and assistance whenever you need it. 
    • Machine Location Assurance: Location can greatly impact the success of a vending business. Naturals2Go ensures that this aspect is well taken care of by offering machine location services, helping you maximize your potential customer reach.
    • Equipment Warranty: Investing in high-quality equipment is pivotal for a vending business. Naturals2Go backs your investment with an equipment warranty, offering peace of mind as you build your business infrastructure.
    • Unlimited Earning Potential: The sky’s the limit when it comes to your earning potential with Naturals2Go. Your hard work and dedication translate into the success and financial rewards you deserve.
    • Seamless Exit Strategy: Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business; it’s about building something that can secure your future. Naturals2Go offers a seamless exit strategy, allowing you to pass on or sell your successful business when the time is right. 

Let’s Get Started

Contact the Naturals2Go team today to get started on your healthy vending journey. 

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