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Naturals2Go Brings Healthy Vending Options to Leavenworth, Kansas

Posted by Al Goldsmith - May 13, 2015

Businesses, Schools, and even Fitness Centers in the Leavenworth area are on a voyage to healthier snack options with the introduction to Naturals2Go vending machines being offered by Smart Foods Vending. The company offers an alternative to traditional vending machine fare laden with Trans Fat and High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Local Leavenworth resident Glenn Mosher wanted to be involved in a business which could improve people’s diets while reflecting their own active lifestyle. People are more health conscious today – forcing workplaces, schools and gyms to set the example by providing better snack options. Thus, more and more businesses are trying to support people looking for ways to make healthier lifestyle choices.
Enter Naturals2Go — an Idaho-based vending company with nearly 30 years in the business. A company that has wrapped its machine with colorful pictures of fruit, so it really stands out, plus outfitted to accept credit and debit cards as well as cash, and remotely monitored, so they’re never out of stock. Glenn is passionate about the wellness and food industry and wants to help people with healthier selections. He stands by a company that offers nutritionally sound snacking and beverage options for busy, active people. Healthy vending machines bring natural, organic and preservative-free snacks and beverages to lounges, break rooms, offices or any preferred location.
Local businesses love the idea of providing employee’s healthier options in a sophisticated vending machine. Parents equally love the thought of their children not having to settle for sugary, salty snacks and highly caffeinated beverages typically sold in schools.
Glenn stated that he was impressed with the Naturals2Go machine because it employs sophisticated technology in offering purchases by credit and debit cards, as well as cash. The machine houses a virtually silent cooling unit to keep beverages at just the right temperature. Onboard cellular communication technology provides Glenn real-time reports to keep selections available at all times.
Lieutenant Colonel Glenn R. Mosher has spent the last twenty-two years N2G4000of his life as a professional Field Artillery Officer who has served two tours of duty in Kosovo, two tours in Iraq, and one tour in Afghanistan. He is currently an instructor at the Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. As he began preparing to transition from the military, he quickly determined that work flexibility was very important to him. This was the case because his wife, Cecilia R. Mosher, had sacrificed her graphic design career for the last fifteen years to follow him to Germany, Spain, Fort Gordon and elsewhere. It is now time for him to support her dreams and aspirations. Fortunately, his wife was open to just about any career option for either of them. In the last few years she has pursued a Master’s in Finance and Accounting while also working on her PMP certification. Healthy food vending is the perfect vehicle for Glenn because he will set his own hours based on the number of machines that he chooses to purchase and add to his route. He will be able to take his children to and from school each day; and, in between, he will be supplying local schools, hospitals and businesses with the opportunity to provide their employees and customers with healthy and wholesome snacks and beverages that will improve their energy levels and overall health.
Together the couple has registered as the owners of Smart Foods, LLC. Cecilia will take the lead with the company until Glenn retires in August. At that time, he will begin working the business in earnest while taking on more roles and responsibilities at home so his wife can dedicate herself more fully to a career in Finance and Accounting. Their goal is to first provide healthy snack and meal alternatives to businesses in the Leavenworth and Lansing area. Over time they hope to expand their healthy vending business into Basehor, Bonner Springs, Overland Park, Kansas City and the surrounding areas. For further information on their healthy vending business you can reach them by writing
If you are interested in having a Naturals2Go Healthy vending machine placed in your business, please email Glenn at: info(at)

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