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Owner-Operator Stories: Eric Copeland Launches His Own Business After the Military

Posted by VendTech Admin - June 29, 2021

Eric Copeland’s New Sense of Adventure After the Military 


This post is a continuation of our Owner-Operator Stories series, where you’re able to get a firsthand look at life as a Naturals2Go business owner. Through these interviews, our Owner-Operators share their experiences with their healthy snack vending machine businesses.  


Today’s featured Owner-Operator is Eric Copeland, a former military officer seeking adventure.  


Eric Copeland was no stranger to risk at the beginning of his journey as a business owner.  


However, he placed his trust in Naturals2Go, a well-known and proven business opportunity in the healthy snack vending machine market, and found himself in a successful new career. 



The proven business expertise provided by Naturals2Go combined with Eric’s positive attitude was a recipe for an exciting partnership. 


In the expansion of his Naturals2Go business, Eric has found a rewarding adventure with opportunities to complete additional on-site work and market training. Since 2019 he and his wife have grown their venture by 25%! 


      • He appreciates he’s able to expand his role in his career field. 
      • He likes the ability to work in his metro-Atlanta hometown. 
      • He loves the fulfillment of being his own business owner. 

Ready to get started on your own vending business journey?  

Our consultants are here to help you take the first step today.  Watch our video tutorial on starting a vending business now.





Author: VendTech Admin

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