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Living Your “Why” – Experiencing Life in Portugal with Naturals2Go’s Michael Hume

Posted by VendTech Media - August 8, 2023

At Naturals2Go, we continually discuss the importance of finding—and living—your “why.”  So, what do we mean when we talk about your “why”?


Finding your “why” means discovering the deeper purpose and meaning behind your actions and choices in life. It involves understanding the core values, passions, and motivations that drive you. Your “why” is the fundamental reason that inspires and guides your decisions, actions, and goals.


It goes beyond superficial desires or external expectations and taps into your authentic self. Finding your “why” brings clarity, focus, and a sense of fulfillment to your endeavors. It helps you align your actions with your values, live with intention, and create a truly meaningful life. Your “why” acts as a compass, providing direction and purpose as you navigate through challenges and pursue your dreams. It is a constant reminder of what truly matters to you and fuels your motivation and commitment to achieve your goals.


Finding your why is something we are genuinely passionate about. It guides conversations internally at Naturals2Go, and it’s something that we discuss with every single person considering launching their own business.


Michael Hume, Vice President, Sales Training and Development at Naturals2Go, recently shared a sneak peek at him and his lovely wife living their “why”! Michael and his wife are currently working abroad, and he shared some fantastic pictures and stories about their time in Portugal.


“For years, I worked in the retail industry, moving my way up the corporate ladder to become an extremely successful Regional General Manager,” said Hume. “It was a great position with decent pay, but I knew I wanted more, but wasn’t sure what “more” really meant.”


Michael realized that he didn’t want to spend his life tied to a desk. He didn’t want to be confined to an office and be afforded a few vacation days. He realized that he wanted to travel the world and help people from all walks of life and all backgrounds fulfill their dreams. He realized that he would rather spend more time with his lovely wife, exploring the globe, than settling for a corporate career.


So, Michael made a choice.

“Leaving a comfortable job was a really tough decision,” continued Hume. “But a famous Chinese Proverb resonated with me one day. It says ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…the next best time is today.’ I couldn’t live another day in the office, it wasn’t my passion, and it wasn’t my why. I couldn’t wait another 20 years to plant that tree so I decided to follow my passion with Naturals2Go. Today I’m living my “why” with my wife.”


Michael is currently working abroad remotely. As of this post, he has wrapped up time in Lisbon, Portugal, and boarding a train to Spain. He is meeting people around the globe interested in starting their own business and finding their why. He is making new connections with global technology partners that will advance Naturals2Go and their Owner-Operators. And, he is doing this all with his loving partner by his side.


“My advice for everyone is to not wait to plant your tree. Take control of your life, do what you know you need to do now—so that you can spend time living your why, instead of looking back on what could have been.”


Living Your “Why” with Michael:



Are you ready to start living your why?

If Michael’s story resonates with you, he’s ready to help! In fact, all of our business consultants are here to help you find your own personal “why”.


But, finding your “why” when starting your own Naturals2Go healthy vending business goes beyond the mere pursuit of financial success. It means discovering your deepest motivations and aspirations that drive you to take control of your future.


By embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, you can reclaim your autonomy and shape your destiny. With Naturals2Go, you have the power to regain control over your own calendar, allowing you the flexibility to prioritize what truly matters in your life. No longer will you be confined by the rigid structure of a 9-to-5 job; instead, you will answer only to yourself, unlocking a sense of freedom and empowerment.


Your “why” is the catalyst for regaining your life—creating a business that aligns with your passion for health, wellness, and empowering others. It’s about building a legacy, making a positive impact in your community, and achieving personal fulfillment. So, let your “why” guide you on this exciting journey as you step into the realm of entrepreneurship and embrace the endless possibilities that Naturals2Go has to offer.


Start your journey today and begin living your why. One simple click is all it takes.



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