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Franchise Vending Business vs. Your Own: 3 Good Reasons to Build Your Own

Posted by Al Goldsmith - November 17, 2017
Franchise vs. Your Own Vending Business

Franchise vs. Your Own Vending Business
Have you considered walking away from your job and trying something where you’re the boss? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have considered doing just that, but not many act on it. A fear of failure, a lack of understanding of what working for yourself means, or not taking the time to consider options top the list of reasons why most folks won’t take that step into business ownership.
One of the first decisions to make is whether to buy a franchise or to start a business. Each presents a bevy of challenges, but, for individuals trying to get away from working for someone else, a franchise won’t create that desired career independence.
For those standing at the crossroads, trying to decide between a franchise or small-business ownership, consider the entrepreneurial experience offered by Naturals2Go. You get the freedom of owning your own business with much of the support you might find as part of a franchise organization. It’s like having the best of both worlds, but you’re calling the shots.

Lower Overhead

Generally, there is no need to worry about space rental, employee salaries, or other mandatory expenses associated with traditional franchises. As an operator for Naturals2Go in the healthy vending space, you determine where the money is spent, thus deciding how much you get paid in the end. Franchise owners do not get that kind of control because of franchisor regulations. The franchisor determines all the costs, leaving you with what they decide you should take home on top of often requiring materials and inventory purchases to only go through them versus more cost-efficient options like direct wholesale purchasing.
As a small-business owner, the amount you put back into your business is up to you. Do you want to go with the more simple or base functionality machines? Is your location one that will benefit from a more advanced machine with expansions like our coffee expansions? How about one with more variety in choices or flexibility to act on what consumers want versus what you are required to sell? Have your current machines become so easy to manage you want to do more? Have you reached an income level where you want to hire an employee or two? The choices to invest more, upgrade, expand your route or selection, hire employees, or do none of the above lies with you.

No Franchise Fees

Most franchisors charge owner fees for every kind of service available, regardless of whether the franchise owner uses those services. Everything from consultation, legal help, research costs, tax aid, and financing for building expansion or to hire more workers, and more contain fees that drain a franchise owner’s bottom line, reducing the profit for the owner while increasing the money earned by the franchisor. Additionally, start-up costs to purchase a franchise are considerably higher than a simple business license, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the franchise.

No Advertising Fees

Instead of having someone else tell you how to do your marketing, including how much to spend and where as well as charging you for the help, you determine your business’s marketing strategy. If you need help, you do so on your terms, hiring a marketing consultant if you desire. If you want to create and run your company’s marketing campaign, you’re not tied to franchise rules and marketing teams as well as not affected by any potential backlash tied to advertising you had zero input about. Naturals2Go provides its small-business owners with this type of flexibility while still providing a solid organizational resource for you.
Naturals2Go has provided hundreds of business owners with a satisfying and lucrative entrepreneurial experience. Our vending operators experience the support of a franchise with the freedom of an independent small business. If you’re ready to take charge of your career, income and future without all the usual risks and fears people associate with starting a business, consider Naturals2Go as your partner.  Contact us today to learn more about how our opportunity is different than a franchise and why we still have won the Franchise Brokers Association award “Business Opportunity of the Year” for 5 years running.
Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) Award

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