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Can I Make Money by Placing a Vending Machine In…?

Posted by VendTech Media - March 18, 2021
Can I Make Money by Placing a Vending Machine In…?

It’s a question that vending machine operators ask themselves often: What locations give me the highest return? The COVID-19 pandemic has only made the answer more complicated, as areas that yield high returns might remain shut down or work on a modified schedule with less foot traffic. So, where can you place your machines right now to see a good return on investment?

Office Spaces

More office workers than ever are returning to their brick-and-mortar buildings. And as case numbers continue to drop, more businesses are going to be bringing their workers back in-office as the year goes on. That means that office buildings and business complexes are great locations for healthy vending machines. Employees want convenient, inexpensive, and healthy snacks or meals during their lunch breaks. And you’re in a unique position to fill that gap in the market.


The local supermarket might seem like a strange place to put a vending machine. But the truth is that it makes a lot of sense. Grocery shoppers tend to get hungry when they’re browsing the shelves full of food. On their way out of the store, they can grab a quick snack. And people often shop for groceries in between the end of the workday and heading home. It’s the perfect time for a snack.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings and complexes continue to see a high return. People are still coming and going from their apartments, and placing your machines strategically can work to your advantage. Putting machines in common areas, lobbies, or other highly trafficked areas is a great way to make apartment complexes work to your advantage.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are almost always operational, perhaps 24 hours a day. Roadside rest stops and service stations are opening back up, too, as more people travel by car than they did earlier in the pandemic. That means these are good spots for your vending machines. Try placing them in high-traffic areas like the main lobby or by the door.

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