Accept All Electronic Forms Of Payments

Never Miss A Sale!

So how do Naturals2go operators capitalize on the convenience our technology? How about letting a customer purchase multiple items in one transaction? When a customer pays with cash, they insert the amount of money for their transaction, pay, and receive their item. If they want another product from the machine, they have to repeat the process over again – insert, pay, receive. Not very convenient.Our healthy vending machines with MultiVend Technology, on the other hand, allow customers to select multiple items with one transaction, whether they are using cash or electronic payments.Furthermore, the touch screen on our machines actually prompts the customer to make another selection after choosing their first product. This quick messaging can be enough to inspire a customer to buy more than a single item from your machine. With all Americans, and especially the younger generations, spending more money in vending machines by using electronic payments, it is no longer a convenience…it’s a necessity for your machines to ACCEPT ALL FORMS OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS.

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