Healthy Vending, Healthy Future

Make Healthy Snacks a Priority

Many families make eating healthy foods and snacks a priority. This means that healthy snack vending in the future is going to support this movement. Start vending healthy foods today and be a part of this trend for years to come.

When farms were prominent fixtures in our culture, families had access to fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables, and meat that was free of preservatives and antibiotics. Americans weighed a lot less, too.

For better or worse, our culture has shifted to prepackaged and nutritionally vacant food –particularly snacks. We see potato chips, candy bars, pudding cups, and all manner of unnatural foods flying off the shelves. Fortunately, more knowledge, better attitudes, and healthy snack vending can put the country back on track.

Healthy Snack Vending in the Future

In a 2015 survey by Wholefoods Magazine, 94% of Americans reported snacking at least once per day, while 50% of adults admitted to snacking two to three times per day. That may seem like a reasonable statistic, but consider that the total number was only 64% in 2014. One year saw a 30% increase.

Why are so many people snacking, and what does it mean for healthy food vending?

The most common reason that people snack is because they are experiencing a craving. There are other reasons, such emotional stress and boredom, but only a fraction of people listed them as their main motivators. However, new information suggests that these cravings may be more healthful than ever before.

The same survey revealed that 33% of the population is trying to choose better snacks than they have in the past. This is an impressive and positive jump, but it’s not the first time it’s happened. Increasingly people are opting for smarter selections each year, and the numbers show no signs of slowing. In fact, 60% of American customers want healthier snack options to be available.

These numbers demonstrate that healthy snack vending has almost unlimited potential. People prize convenience. Just look at the popularity of instant downloads and faster internet service. Vending healthy food combines this convenience with smarter choices and greater health benefits. The only way to go is up.

Vending Healthy Food

Vending healthy food is a great business opportunity, but it’s important that you work with experts. At Naturals2Go, we have nearly three decades of experience working in the vending industry. We also implement the latest vending machine technology to ensure the highest levels of performance and satisfaction for our partners.

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