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We Believe in the Movement

At Naturals2Go, we offer more than a business opportunity. Our team believes in the healthy living movement. We want our network of independent operators to continually learn about healthy vending and bring their own ideas and business plans into the world.

Learn About Naturals2Go

Here’s a snapshot of our company to help you understand more about what we do:
We have almost 30 years of business development experience in the vending industry. Our team uses that firsthand knowledge to teach, support, and learn from the operators we serve. We specialize in vending startups so we can spread the message of healthy eating on a massive scale.

  1. We’re leaders in the industry. Over the years, our team has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. For the last five years in a row, we’ve earned the Business Opportunity of the Year Award from the Franchise Brokers Association. We’re helping entrepreneurs follow their passion of providing consumers with healthy choices.
  2. We’re invested in the healthy living movement. We think consumers deserve choices in vending machine environments. Conventional vending machines fail to offer healthy choices. Our operators bring healthy eating to local communities. At Naturals2Go, we recognize healthy brands and strive to connect operators and product manufacturers to bring consumers more choices.
  3. We use technology to spread the word. Whether we’re hosting operator sites or posting articles so people can learn about healthy vending, you’ll always find us at the forefront of vending technology. Our individual machines offer remote connectivity for operators and simplify the payment process for a better customer experience.

Need more reasons to choose Naturals2Go as your vending machine partner of choice? Check out our section on why you should choose Naturals2Go.

Learn About Healthy Vending

On our website, you have access to all the latest industry information. We update the community about the trends, industry details, and success stories our operators can use to keep the momentum going in their own businesses. We not only provide support for our operators, but we’re also on a mission to support general health, wellness, and healthy eating trends in America and around the world.

Healthy eating is more than a trend. The world is interested in the outcomes that healthy eating brings. People want to feel better, gain more energy, and live longer. Some of the most watched YouTube channels and the most read articles focus on health and wellness. Organic foods, diet-specific foods, and non-GMO foods are buzzwords today. Healthy eating offers a path to a better life. For vending machine customers and operators, healthy eating simply makes sense.

If you’re considering a new business venture, explore the world of healthy vending. Vending and health go hand-in-hand. Contact us for an invitation to our private online webinar presentation for a full overview of the Naturals2Go Business Program.

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