Learning the Vending Business

Training and Support

Naturals2Go offers training and support for entrepreneurs looking to embark on a healthy vending business.
The foundation of our program is our Education Center and the three individual yet connected areas of training and support.

VTI Campus Training~ This three-day hands on training covers all aspects of launching a healthy vending business. We share our almost 30 years of vending business experience with you not only on what to do but also on what not to do so you avoid mistakes.

CaMP~ Coaching and Mentoring Program is our highly rated follow-up program where you have regularly scheduled appointments with your assigned business coach who helps you stay on track to implementing each step of launching your new business. This program is one of the factors that has given our program a success rate unmatched in most businesses.

VENDPRO VTI Online Education Center ~ This online Education Center becomes your base for:

  1. Connecting and keeping up to date on product resources
  2. Providing information on new product info and special cash back rewards
  3. Keeping you up to date on the latest vending news, and industry updates.
  4. Spotlighting featured operators
  5. Sharing ideas and tips for running and growing your vending business.
  6. Offering special rewards and savings programs and benefits of our operators
  7. FAQs- frequently asked questions
  8. Machine training videos
  9. Technical support videos

Our company is the premier option for healthy vending businesses, because we designed our company to encourage your success. When you partner with us, you’ll receive world-class training backed by decades of experience. We’ll cover all sorts of important information, including choosing the best locations for your machines and finding top-quality stock. Naturals2Go will provide all the materials you need for a smart start.

Why do we go above and beyond for our partners? Because we want your business to succeed. In addition to our extensive training program, we’ve created a support network that you can turn to at any time. We’ll never leave you scrambling for answers about your fresh-and-healthy vending business – that’s our commitment to you.

Once you decide to team up with us, we’ll tell you how to get started in vending with a plan for success. You’ll attend world-class training, packed full of information that comes directly from our experienced operator team, who show you the ropes of marketing, branding, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to our Education Center.