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Vending Machines: The Next “Family Business” Idea

Posted by VendTech Media - March 20, 2020

It might seem that the days of the family business have long since passed. The idea of an individual launching their own business venture, and it maintaining success for decades until that person passes the operation down to their children, can seem like something out of an old movie. But make no mistake: the healthy vending machine industry is the perfect opportunity for a family business, and it’s built to make the transition to a profitable family business as easy as possible.


Here’s why the vending machine business can help you build an empire that you can pass along to future generations:

Built-In Longevity

The very nature of the vending machine business is built on longevity. Vending machines aren’t there to make a huge profit at the snap of a finger — on the contrary, vending machines are playing the long game. Profits build over weeks, months, years of the machine functioning productively in a prime location. Multiply that prime location by several perfectly placed machines, and you have a profit-generating empire on your hands. You’ll be in control of the healthy vending market in your town, and that’s something that can be passed down.

Relaxed Management Approach

Vending machines serve as individual revenue sources without the need for a lot of hands-on operation. Customers use the machines, get their products, and the machine collects payment. All you have to do is make sure they stay stocked and then collect the profits. This kind of “relaxed” or hands-off approach is perfect for the family business. You spend your time overseeing your operation, not necessarily out in the field, doing a lot of hands-on work. This approach is something you can show your family members or children, allowing for a smooth transition when you’re ready.

Constant Support

If you’re interested in running a vending machine business alongside your family members, or passing your operation down to the next generation in the future, you don’t have to teach those people a lot of complicated technical jargon or product information. When you partner with Naturals2Go, that kind of thing is taken care of for you. Our 24/7 operator support gives you help with tech support and product sourcing information, and we have lifetime coaching available to help you — or the next generation — at every turn.


What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and learn more about the healthy vending machine business — it’s an investment in yourself and the generations behind you.

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