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Vending Machines in Schools: Tips for Success

Posted by VendTech Media - December 4, 2019

Schools make up a big part of the healthy vending business. After all, schools are full of hungry kids who often need a quick snack or meal options, and one or more schools can be found in just about every town and city across the nation.


As a healthy vending machine entrepreneur, how do you capitalize on the need for vending machines in schools? Here’s what school districts are looking for in their vending partners:

Nutritious Snacks and Meals

Now more than ever, districts want healthy snack options in their vending machines. Parents don’t want their kids filling up on cookies and chips for lunch, and districts have responded in kind — schools want their machines stocked with things like chef salads, protein-packed nuts, and healthy sandwiches, not sugary desserts.


So, you’re perfectly poised to give schools at every level precisely what they want: healthy, nutritious snack or meal options that kids can purchase quickly. And make no mistake: kids will choose the healthy options, as long as they’re placed strategically. Putting a salad in between a pack of cookies and a cheese Danish might not work very well, but a robust line-up of healthy sandwiches and protein bars will entice kids into purchasing them.

A Simple Arrangement

One of the last things that most school districts have time to focus on is the type and quality of vending machines in their buildings. That’s why a simple arrangement with a vending partner is something most school districts are considering. When you provide healthy vending services and clearly explain how the machines work – how the revenue system is set up and what items are available in the machines – you’re offering a straightforward service that lets the school district look good while putting in minimal effort.



Some might think that the only place vending machines would be found in a school is in or near the cafeteria. While they very well may be placed there, keep in mind that putting machines elsewhere can also be beneficial for business. Machines near the entrance of the school can generate a significant boost, especially during peak breakfast times; machines near the gym for student-athletes is also a key placement.



The last thing school districts want to worry about is their machines getting low and having to restock them. That’s where you come in. Smart machines can monitor their own stock and send an alert when they’re getting low. Modern machines also offer cashless payment and even security measures. These kinds of perks are important for success in schools.



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