Growing Your Vending Business with Naturals2Go

Maintaining a Vending Business

Once you have gone through our extensive in-person training and VENDPRO Education Center and established your business, the time has come to expand – if you choose to do so. Our successful vending machine entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and have many different goals.
Many of our operators:

  • Maintain their full-time jobs and enjoy the sales of their healthy vending products to earn additional income.
  • Choose to begin full-time, trading in an unsatisfying job, building a business and staying connected to the business world.
  • Enjoy being a stay at home parent, or having the flexibility to take care of an ailing parent, while still generating a solid income because of the flexibility of their healthy vending business.

Maintaining a healthy vending business is easy

Our machines keep track of stock and keep maintenance to a minimum. Naturals2Go will never hold you to any sales quota and will never charge franchise fees or royalties – you are in control of how large or small you want your vending business to be. Partnering with Naturals2Go is a perfect opportunity for you to establish a side business.

Raymond and Mary Ruiz About Growing With Naturals2Go


We Want You To Grow

In today’s health-conscious world, the healthy foods vending industry has extremely high potential for growth. The opportunity to build a healthy vending machine business has never been as great as it is today. Many of our operators have leveraged this potential and support available by being a part of the Naturals2Go family to grow their enterprise and achieve their goals. Our business is making you successful, and we want you to have the support to expand your business with us.

Stormy Chancy About Growing With Naturals2Go


Growing Your Business with Naturals2Go

Successful independent vending machine entrepreneurs can tell you that keeping your business growing is just as important as starting it up. Every operator working with this company understands the value of growth and business expansion, and they can tell you that Naturals2Go wants your business to grow as much as you choose. Your level of success with us is entirely your decision. When you make the decision to expand, you will have access to our business coaches to serve as your mentors to help you build and execute your growth plans. We are committed to giving you the tools you need to make your business exactly as successful as you want it to be.

Naturals2Go has worked with hundreds of vending machine operators who have made this business their path to financial independence and personal success. We are proud of our most successful vending machine entrepreneurs, who have found their success working with Naturals2Go and they are delighted to tell you about their experiences.

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