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Naturals2Go Helps You Stay Informed

We pride ourselves on the support we offer our vending machine operators for running and expanding their businesses. One aspect of this support is the information we provide about healthy vending to help keep you up to date on the state of healthy snacking and the vending machine business. When you join the Naturals2Go team, our experts and business coaches will be available to you throughout your journey. Together, we will make your business successful.

Our Healthy Vending Advantage

The modern world offers countless choices to consumers. Many people are starting to avoid junk food and opt for healthier snacks and dietary choices, and more often than not, they don’t mind paying a bit more for the extra quality of healthier, premium snacks. Vending machines are everywhere, but many consumers don’t consider the usual candy bars and processed junk food as acceptable choices anymore. Naturals2Go helps you become the better choice for consumers seeking healthier lifestyles and allows to build a successful business while doing it. We want to help you be successful in the healthy vending industry, so here is some additional information about healthy vending to help you make the choice to enter this industry with us.

Ten Free Healthy Vending Studies and Articles

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  5. Dollars and Sense: The Financial Impact of Selling Healthier School Foods
  6. California Study: Vending Machine Healthy Options Outsell Junk Food
  7. Nielsen Global Snacking Report 2014
  8. The Food Trust: Building and Implementing Healthy Food Services
  9. ABC News: Healthy Vending Machines Gain Ground
  10. Making Change: A Guide to Healthier Vending