Vending Industry Market Research

Market Research – Financial Benefits of Healthy Vending

$43.9 Billion Spent in 2013

The vending machine snack market is a growing sector. Vending machines have been a trusted source for easy access snacks and drinks for years. Because of their popularity, the vending machine business maintains a steady, stable revenue source and offers a good opportunity to the new business owner. As more people decide to pursue healthier lifestyles and avoid typical junk food snacks, healthy vending in particular continues to grow. Here are some quick facts:

  • The average snack in vending machines sells for $0.95.
  • The average drink sells for $1.10.
  • The average revenue for a single vending machine is $9,336 per year.

Premium Options, Higher Sales

Offering better choices to consumers equates to premiums. You may think offering the cheapest options results in the highest sales in the convenience snack industry, but this is not always the case. Statistics show when given the opportunity to make better choices, consumers will often select better quality and more nutritious snacks and drinks. This holds true even if the premium snack carries a higher price point. When a vending machine operator offers premium snacks, this results in:

  • Steady, repeat business. Customers know your machines offer better choices.
  • Consumer feedback on products to vend. Find out the latest trends and give your customers what they want!
  • Helping people make better choices in their snack and drink decisions.
  • Contributing to healthy work environments and lifestyles.

The Opportunities Exist

Despite their popularity, overpopulation of vending machines is rare. There are a multitude of great locations and opportunities for new vending operators. Even when faced with competition, offering healthy, premium options can help a vending operator succeed even when other vending options are present. Healthy vending is effective in:

  • Locations with traditional vending machines. Offer consumers a healthier choice!
  • Schools, hospitals, and government offices. High-stress jobs demand healthy life choices.
  • Modern businesses focusing on wellness. Cross-promotion is a great way to build a brand.

Keeping You Informed

As a healthy vending operator, you will not have to rely on your own research to stay on top of the latest industry statistics and market data. Naturals2Go is committed to helping you succeed in the healthy vending market and keeping you appraised of healthy snack trends. We have access to the latest in healthy snack vending research and keep our partners informed about the latest industry developments, new technologies, evolving consumer trends, marketing tips, and much more. Business owners face a great deal of uncertainty in the modern world, but Naturals2Go partners don’t have to face it alone.

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