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Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Hotels

Posted by VendTech Media - February 16, 2022
Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Hotels

Hotels and motels make great vending machine locations because there is a fairly steady stream of foot traffic at most of these locations. And machines don’t just have to be in the lobby. Placing machines in ice machine areas on every floor and in areas like stairwells and side entrances can be very effective, too. But what sort of inventory should you stock your hotel vending machines with? 

Here are a few ideas for popular items that would sell well at your hotel locations: 


Snack Bars

If the hotel you service has a restaurant in it or attached to it, some guests will undoubtedly go there for breakfast and other meals. But if they aren’t interested in paying for a full meal, or simply not hungry enough to eat a full meal, the vending machine is the choice that makes sense. Snack bars and granola bars are the perfect options for this scenario – they offer consumers a portable, easy-to-eat, no-mess solution for a quick snack on the go.  


Pretzels are a classic snack that almost everyone loves. They’re also low-mess, healthier than potato chips, and packed full of carbohydrates for a boost of energy. This kind of snack also sells well if the hotel you service hosts conferences or other types of gatherings. When groups break for lunch or a mid-morning coffee break, attendees will drift toward the vending machines for a convenient snack. Pretzels serve as an easy option for quick snacking or to take back to the conference.  

Dried Fruit

Consumers looking for a healthy but delicious option can’t go wrong with dried fruit. It’s non-perishable and no-mess, and it’s delicious. Dried bananas, apples, or pears are always great options.  


Jerky is often a good seller in vending machines simply because consumers don’t expect to find it there, and are pleasantly surprised enough to make the purchase. And it’s a favorite with kids, so families traveling on vacation might rely on something like jerky to keep the kids satisfied in between meals.  


Usually, hotel guests don’t want to bother calling room service just for a drink. They’re much more likely to stop by the vending machines on the way up to their room, or on their way out as they’re heading into town. That’s why stocking your machines with drinks is a good idea. Water bottles are always top sellers, as are popular sodas, iced teas, and seltzers. 


Smart Inventory Means Better Sales

Working with Naturals2Go makes stocking and maintaining your machines a breeze. Read more about filling your machines here and contact us to learn more about getting started in the healthy vending space. 

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