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Top-Selling Healthy Snacks That Should Be in Every Vending Machine

Posted by VendTech Media - July 23, 2019

Historically, one of the problems with vending machines is they tend not to provide very healthy options. Whether you visit a vending machine in an office building, a hospital or a school, you’re likely to find chips, cookies and other high-fat, high-sodium snacks that don’t provide any real nutritional value.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling healthy vending snacks that should be found in every vending machine.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are extremely popular at the moment, and it makes sense — they provide busy people with a balanced, high-protein snack that can fuel an entire morning or afternoon. Plus, they come in a conveniently wrapped package perfect for on-the-go eating. The trick is avoiding protein bars with high levels of sugar and processed ingredients; stick to all-natural ingredients whenever possible.

Healthy Chips

Potato chips are one of the most popular snack foods of all time, but they aren’t very healthy. That’s why healthy chip snacks are some of the best-selling vending snacks on the market today. Most healthy chip varieties aren’t fried in oil or fat like regular potato chips, and they come in a variety of flavors. There are also kale or seaweed chips for those who don’t want the heaviness of a normal potato chip!


Nut snacks make it easy to control the portion size so you don’t overeat. Plus, they’re packed with protein and healthy fats, and they’re naturally filling because of their high levels of fiber. Healthy nuts like cashews, pistachios, almonds or peanuts are good choices for vending machines, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

Dried Fruit

There’s no convenient way to include fresh fruit in a vending machine without it going bad. That’s where dried fruit comes in. It’s easily packaged, provides plenty of nutrients and is delicious. Dried apples, bananas or apricots make great healthy vending machine snack choices, and they’re more popular than ever.


The next time you visit a vending machine, take a look to see what healthy options you would prefer. Now more than ever, you have flavorful and healthy snack options right at your fingertips.

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