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Things You Should Know About Starting A Healthy Vending Busines

Posted by VendTech Media - November 2, 2018
Things You Should Know About Starting A Healthy Vending Business


Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job?  Always dreamed about starting your business?  Well, perhaps it’s time to consider the Vending Machine Business.

As you know, here are many factors to consider when starting a business.

Some say that this business will grow in no time while some say it takes a long time and much investment to get established.  There are so misconceptions that they have become, by default, fact.

If you are concerned about these misconceptions, you need to read this right away!


The Vending Machine Sector Is A Fragile Sector


An advertisement on the vending machine doesn’t usually provide information on the amount of maintenance required to keep your device in a perfect condition. Just remember, vending machines are electronic products and will require maintenance over time.


Myth Unfolded

To attain success in the vending machine business, you have to maintain your machines properly.


If you have ever purchased something from a vending machine, you must have a situation where you put your money in and get nothing in return!  You just lost the money and there is no one you can call for help.This often happens due to a lack of maintenance on the part of the machine owner.  Therefore, you need to understand that you must provide regular maintenance in order to ensure they work correctly.


You have ZERO Cash To Start A Business


The amount of money needed to start a vending business is moderately small. But remember, you will still need money to invest in your machines, products and regular maintenance costs.


Long Story Short


The money to invest in a healthy vending business is relatively low if you start with just one machine.


Set Up The Business When The Time Is Right


Myth Busted


No time is right, you have to make it right!


There is no right time to invest in a business.  Finding the courage to make the jump is one of the most terrifying, thrilling and important actions one can ever make in the market. The absolute terror of not having a regular paycheck enough of a kick in the rear to get you going fast.



Pro-Tips  –  If you want to keep your 9 – 5 job, you can still get started


  • Be a good planner
  • Try a healthy vending machine business as a side business. We recommend that you get advice from the experts as this may be complicated to do by yourself.
  • Do your homework – Learn your industry well; get to know all about the business models that are most appealing to you.
  • Make a fair. Consider all options including whether you want to sell another company’s products, want to offer a service or want open a franchise


“Life’s too short to run a BUSINESS you hate so it’s GOOD to do what you love NOW.


Do you want to start your own vending business today? You are at the right place! Call us now to get started!


Happy Healthy Vending!




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