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SMART Goals Will Help You Make (and Keep) Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by VendTech Media - December 17, 2021
SMART Goals Will Help You Make (and Keep) Your New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching. Many of us are making New Year’s resolutions this time of year. But how many of us will keep them? Sometimes, the problem isn’t your follow-through. It’s the goal you’ve set.  


When you set a goal with the SMART system, you’re much more likely to keep it. That’s because this system helps you to set goals in a realistic, targeted, and achievable way. Read on to find out more. 

What are SMART goals?

The SMART acronym stands for: 


        • SpecificMake a well-defined goal, not a loosely defined one. Ask yourself who, what, where, when, and why. Be clear and transparent with yourself about the exact goal you have in mind.  
        • Measurable: Your goal must be measurable in some way so that you can check your performance over time. Quantify your goal in numbers. 
        • Achievable: Be realistic about the goal you’re setting. If it’s a healthy lifestyle routine you’re aiming for, don’t set a goal to be able to run a six-minute mile a month from now.  
        • Relevant: Align your goal with your overall objective. If you’re trying to eat better, make that a part of your plan for a healthier lifestyle. If you’re trying to get a promotion, think about what you want out of your career in general.
        • Time-bound: Set a hard deadline or timeframe in which to reach your goal. If you leave it open-ended, it’s much more likely you’ll never reach it. 

What’s the Benefit?

The major benefit of setting goals using the SMART system is obvious: it makes it much more likely you’ll achieve them. Whether you’re using this system to reach a personal goal, or you’re a business using it for professional purposes, there’s a good chance you’ll make progress and eventually complete success with the SMART method.  


Another benefit is that the SMART system purposefully lays out steps and milestones along the path. It’s much easier to tackle something in small chunks rather than one whole piece. Breaking your goal into smaller bite-sized pieces, either by time or function, helps you to conceptualize the goal and achieve it without getting overwhelmed. 

Set Your SMART Goals This Year

As the New Year approaches, consider making a few SMART goals for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results this time next year!  

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