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Six Surefire Ways To Grow Your Vending Machine Business

Posted by VendTech Media - November 3, 2018
Six Surefire Ways To Grow Your Vending Machine Business


From soda cans to chocolate, candy and many gourmet delicacies, vending machines provide all your favorite snacks. These machines are found almost everywhere whether in the workplace, travel locations, or just any place people get together.

Currently, it is a $42 billion industry and can be quite profitable for individual looking to have their own business.

According to the National Automatic Merchandising Association, 18% of vending machine operators make between $1 to $4 million a year.

So, whether you have started your vending machine business or plan to start one, here is how you can take it to the next level-


Choose A Stable Location


A vending machine business worksbest when it is placedin a stable location. The best locationsare major establishments that include a park, supermarkets, industrial companies and other highly visited public places. You might have to share a minor part of profits with the owner, but it is worth it as you will be generating potential revenue.


Consider Proper Service and Maintenance


You must maintain your machines in order to boost your income.  Always keep your machines clean and in good condition to ensure they will entice buyers. The machines must always be clean, full of supplies and they be replenished twice a week.

You must also insure the machine is operating at its best to avoid the loss of a potential customer.


Increase the Machine Lineup


Once your vending machine business starts, grow your vending machine and its supplies to meet the demands of your customers.

You might consider buying a new machine, but make sure you use your profits for this purpose. However, if you plan on saving capital for future purposes, you can buy a second-hand vending machine.



Keep Payment Options


Everyone doesn’t carry coins.   You must have a vending machine that accepts both bills and coins.  Customers are more likely to use your machine if they don’t have to have change in their pockets.


Keep the Option of Secure Referrals


In order to increase the growth of your business, make sure that you provide exceptional services.  Your regular customers will be more likely to refer your service to others as well.


Have a Diverse Range of Products in Your Vending Machines


A single type of candy or soft drink will not get you the success that you are looking for. You must provide a variety of products.

You can also go for toys or two products that seamlessly complement each other. As you start providing all the type of items, customers will come to you as one vending machine will cater their all needs.


The Bottom Line


However, the success of the vending machine is not determined by scaling up.  You also have to make adjustments so it fits the world of all your customers. The vending machine business has exceptional income potential, but you will have to follow the above tips in order to attain that income potential.

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