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How to Recession-Proof Your Career

Posted by HMG CopySEO - February 7, 2023
How to Recession-Proof Your Career

Most experts agree that an economic downturn – otherwise known as a recession – is on the horizon. The country had two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth in early 2022, meaning that we are technically already in one. But whether a recession is coming or we’re already in the middle of it, you want to take steps to recession-proof your career and ensure you still have an income when the economy takes a dive. 


Here’s how to do it: 

Be Visible

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work in an office, you’re entry-level or a senior manager, you want to be visible. That means being visible to the coworkers you work alongside of as well as the supervisors you report to. It also means being visible to the customers you serve. How would a customer know to rely on your services if you disappear during recessionary times? Remain visible throughout times of economic difficulty – it’s the only way to keep your head above water.  

Be Helpful

Think about what you’re providing to the company you work for, or the customers you serve. Is what you’re providing helpful? Is it essential, particularly in a tough economic climate? Think about how your product or service helps others and highlight it every chance. The most recession-proof industries are those whose services or products are always needed, regardless of economic situation.  

Audit Your Skills

Take a close look at your hard and soft skills. What are you good at? What could you improve upon? When the economy dips, it can be very helpful to know what skills you can maximize and capitalize on when times are tough and the skills you could build up and use to your advantage. If you’re great at selling, a recession is a great time to put that skill to good use. Perhaps you could get better at marketing yourself or your business – work on that skill to build visibility during the tough times. 


Looking for a Recession-Proof Career?

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