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Quiz: How Healthy Am I?

Posted by VendTech Media - March 28, 2022
Quiz: How Healthy Am I?

Overall health can vary by person—there’s no one perfect picture of health that applies to everyone. With that being said, there are a few benchmarks for both physical and mental health that you should be keeping up with. If you don’t think about your health very often, it might be time to do a little self-assessment.


When you’re thinking about how healthy you are, ask yourself these questions:  

How often do you take time for yourself?

Think about your work-life balance. How often do you step away from work and simply take time for yourself? How often do you get to do things you enjoy, like your hobbies or spending time with friends and loved ones? When you’re overworked or don’t get enough time to yourself to focus on what makes life worth living, you run the risk of developing burnout.  

Do you feel good about yourself?

Do you feel good about the person you are? What you present to the world? How others perceive you? Your own self-image is extremely important. If you see yourself in a negative light, you’ll be putting out negativity, which won’t get you very far. It becomes a vicious cycle that can be quite tough to break out of. So make sure you’re feeling good about yourself on a day-to-day basis. 

Do you have short- and long-term goals?

It’s tough to stay positive about the future when you don’t have goals to strive for. Putting concrete goals in place gives you something to work toward in manageable chunks. Wandering aimlessly through your life and career is far less likely to make you happy.  

Do you pay attention to your diet?

How often do you think about what you eat and what it’s offering to your body? Do your best to stay away from excess sugars and fats, and eat wholesome, natural foods that align with the latest proper diet guidelines. While it’s important that you don’t obsess over food, it’s also advisable to strike a healthy balance between eating what you like and what offers the nutrition that your body desperately needs.  

Do you exercise regularly?

You don’t have to run marathons in order to stay healthy through regular exercise. Even going for a daily walk is better than nothing. But if you’re doing zero physical activity every day, it’s not good for you. It’s time to get moving—exercise is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy throughout life.  

Live Better Through Good Health

Taking the time to think about your own health is very important. If you feel you could improve in some areas of your life, now is the time to do it. You’ll thank yourself later! 

Take Your Passion for Healthy Living to the Next Level

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