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Protecting Your Business Investment and Your Future

Posted by VendTech Admin - March 8, 2022

The world was already changing at a rapid pace. Then, a global pandemic forced change into hyper-drive. While some businesses adapted quickly, others took huge financial hits and were forced to board their doors for good.

However, as history has proven time and time again, hardships and rapid change can be the beginning of something great when companies have the right plans and leadership in place.

“FedEx, Microsoft, and even Google were launched during recessions and very challenging times,” said Heath Falzarano, president of Naturals2Go. “We didn’t become the most recognized, most-awarded healthy vending business opportunity by standing still and resting on our laurels. When other companies pulled back on new investments over the last two years, we doubled down. We knew that embracing challenges head-on would help insulate our owner-operators and give them a competitive advantage. We know this high level of commitment to our operators costs us more in profits, but we also know this level of time and service is what it takes to position our operators for long-term success.”

True to their word, the team at Naturals2Go has invested heavily in the success of their owner-operators and turned adversity into prosperity. Here are just a few of the recent innovations that have further cemented Naturals2Go as the leading business opportunity in vending and unattended retail.

UVend Technology to Kill Viruses

Naturals2Go has invested in patent-pending technology on the newest machine. This UVend Technology uses UV light to kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, providing a safe experience that customers covet.

Nayax Contactless Payments

Cutting-edge payment technology allows customers to pay with mobile wallets, their phones, or even smartwatches. They no longer need to interact with restaurant or cafeteria staff or even handle money.

Revamped Training, Onboarding, and Locating

Naturals2Go doubled down on its training, onboarding, and support team to help existing and new owner-operators reach profitability sooner and address changing market needs quickly. By adding key members to an already strong training and support team, the brand is focused on helping owner-operators launch efficiently.

Originally published in the March, 2022 issue of Franchise Dictionary Magazine:



Author: VendTech Admin

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