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Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch for Healthy Vending: Resolve Concerns

Posted by Al Goldsmith - April 22, 2014

To perfect your elevator pitch for your healthy vending business, your plan should have a basic outline that accomplishes the following goals:

  • Create a pitch that fills a need.
  • Resolve concerns and alleviate reservations about installing a machine.
  • Talk about your company’s reputation.
  • Accommodate the target audience and discuss consumer behavior.
  • Discuss vending machine options.
  • Practice makes perfect.

This is a six-part series to help new business owners succeed. You can click on the above links to navigate through the various points. In this blog post, we will discuss the second point.

Resolve Concerns

Once you have your client’s attention, ask a question to determine what reservations the prospective client might have about installing a vending machine. Perhaps a law firm may think that a vending machine would look tacky. Maybe a local shop would worry that the vending machine would reduce sales. Schools might be concerned that the installation of a machine will get a negative reaction from parents. Each of these concerns can be mitigated once you know the potential clients worries. Resolving the clients concerns can be accomplished, if you know why the client may be against installing a machine.
The second sentence in your elevator speech should contain information that lets the potential client know that you have anticipated their concerns. This is one of the hardest parts of the elevator speech, but with enough research into your prospective client, you should be able to anticipate this need.
A school is generally going to be concerned about their students and the reactions of parents first. Given this priority, you can determine that a likely reservation on the part of the school board is whether or not the snacks and beverages will be healthy. In your second sentence, talking about the variety and choices available in a vending machine can help assuage these concerns before they even come up. Later on, when you have scheduled your meeting to talk about specifics, you can go into additional detail. At this point, you only want to let the client know that there are options.
So how do you make certain that you are answering the right question without actually talking with the client first? By spending the time to research the company and see what others in that clients industry have to say about any vending machine installed on their premises. This can be as simple as a Web search, or by cold calling companies and asking them to participate in a short two-question survey. The survey should only ask if the company has a vending machine and what is preventing them from installing one. Don’t try to sell your product at this point. This should be a relatively anonymous call with the intent on gathering information.
Once you find out why a particular industry might be against installing a vending machine, then you can get to work formulating a response to this problem. Make the answer to this problem no more than one or two sentences. Remember, you only have about 30 seconds to convince the client that a vending machine is the right choice. If you find that the company is concerned about cost, then include a sentence or two that mentions how a vending machine is an affordable investment that will not only improve company profits, but employee morale and customer satisfaction. The elevator speech must have useful information and use active speech to get the point across.

Looking for a Vending Machine Operator with a Healthy Objective?

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