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Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch for Healthy Vending: Discussing Options

Posted by Al Goldsmith - April 24, 2014

This is the fifth of our six-part healthy vending business series on Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch. Links to the other articles can be found at the bottom of this blog.
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Discussing Options
After you have discussed how the clients target audience is influenced by the installation of a vending machine, move on to discuss how different types of vending machines work well for different businesses. State in a very matter of fact way that the type of machine installed directly correlates to the degree of success.
Mention how different designs can provide a more modern look and work well for more sophisticated companies if you are dealing with a client in the finance industry or some other white-collar profession. If you plan to sell products to a school, explain how the side of the machine can be used to advertise school functions, or a bulletin board next to the machine will be seen more often. This also works with other companies that want to sell classes and services.
Explain to the client in less than three sentence the types of machines you offer and which machines you think would be best for their business. Tell them about all of the different types of machines available and then narrow it down for them and state that their business would benefit from a particular type of machine.
This lets the client know that you have thought about their needs and that if you install a machine on their lot that you will have the expertise and dedication necessary to ensure that the machine is properly maintained. Clients don’t want to deal with another hassle that won’t provide them with value. If you use modern machines that automatically detect low inventory levels, explain that. Tell the client something about the inside nature of the vending machine business and let them know that you have many options available.
Give them a reference point so that they can get an idea for how a vending machine would work on their property. You don’t have time to pull out pictures and images. Your speech has to be just that – a speech. Don’t try to illustrate your speech with anything more than vivid words and actions. You will lose your clients attention if you begin sifting through your bag looking for materials. Avoid stating options that are going to require additional explanation.
The moment you start talking about the details involved, you risk losing you client. If you don’t give your client a reference point to visualize the machines, you could spend all day talking about obvious answers and confusing people further. For example, clearly state a potential location in their business that you could install the machine, explain why the location is ideal and then talk about the type of machine you would install. Be the expert; let them know you will take care of everything needed to get set up.
Your plan to perfecting your elevator speech should have a basic outline that accomplishes the following goals:

  • Create a pitch that fills a need.
  • Resolve concerns and alleviate reservations about installing a machine.
  • Talk about your company’s reputation.
  • Accommodate the target audience and discuss consumer behavior.
  • Discuss vending machine options.
  • Practice makes perfect.

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