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You have questions. We have the answers.

We have provided answers to many of the questions we receive on a regular basis. If you have a questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact us directly.

For 30 years, we have been helping people start, and grow vending businesses. We have multiple machines available to our operators, to insure you have the best equipment for every situation. Having been in the business for longer than any other company out there, we are always improving the equipment, training, and support we offer to our new operators. Our goal is to maximize your profits, so you return and purchase additional equipment. We can’t grow our business, unless you are growing yours!.
A Naturals2Go Vending machine offers everything you expect from a healthy vending machine. If you seriously want to make money, you need a machine that –

  • Looks exceptionally great, bright and inviting.
  • Vends all major healthy snacks and drinks
  • Accepts credit and debit cards, and all electronic forms of payment.
  • Gives the option of vending healthy entrées and side dishes.
  • Facilitates you with Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM) for your convenience.
  • Offers the optimal number of products for most of your customers.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Is easy to use, versatile, stable and secure.
  • Offers the best return on your investment.

And, Naturals2Go Vending machines meet all these expectations.

Innovation —  Our equipment is second to none, and we are ALWAYS IMPROVING!
Experience —  With more than 30 years as a vending business opportunity company, we are the oldest and most experienced.
Reputation —  No other vending business opportunity company (more than a few years old) can claim they have never been investigated or fined by the FTC. Our record, as well as that of our competitors, speaks volumes. Be sure to thoroughly research any company you plan to partner with!When you choose us, you don’t just buy a vending machine, but you also establish a long-term business partnership with an equipment provider. We support you at every step. Your business goals are our goals, and we are here to insure you achieve them. In fact, our success depends on your success.

Lifetime warranty on your equipment is critical. It’s simply not an option.  You need the best vending machine to GET INTO and STAY in the best locations. Poor-performing, malfunctioning vending machines take consumer’s money and will become unwanted in that area. Not fixing the problem will cause the location to ask for the machine removal. This is unacceptable.
Lifetime warranty means lifetime support. Our support team is always available to help you. No problem is too big or too small. Not requiring a lifetime warranty when purchasing a vending machine is certainly a bad investment decision.
To maximize your investment, while minimizing your cash requirement, you need to choose an optimal number of product selections. Not enough choices means you get fewer customers at your vending machine. On the other hand, too many choices can mean stale, unused and wasted products. Our machines can be configured to accommodate a large number of snack and drink options.
Employees and management are tired of fast food lunches. The US is steadily shifting to a healthier lifestyle. However, they don’t always have enough time to go out for a good, nourishing meal. To solve their junk food dilemma, you can provide tasty and healthy, ready-to-eat entrées and side dishes with our Entree Satellite Unit.
By offering this, you help employers keep their workers on-site by dining at their desk, and you’ll reap higher dollar vends. Naturals2Go Healthy Vending wants to you make the most out of this exploding market and grow your profits.
Each Naturals2Go healthy vending machine can hold up to 337 healthy snacks and drinks. If you add the Entree Satellite Unit, this capacity grows to more than 415 healthy snacks, drinks and entrées. It is a perfect amount of product to offer most locations. For those that require higher amounts, we suggest multiple machines, or one of our high capacity snack/drink machines.
We provide multiple location procurement options depending on your connections, preferences and timeframe. From simply training you to maximize your own connections, to having one of our staff come to your city and work with/train you directly. The amount of time it takes is strongly dependent on the number of machines, which program you choose, and your personal involvement. Bottom line is, we aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.
Naturals2Go is the ONLY company to offer you Lifetime Locating for your equipment. What that means is, for any machine we assisted in placing for you, if you EVER NEED A NEW LOCATION FOR IT, we are here to help….at little to no cost.
Not always! Organizations want the Naturals2Go Vending Machine in their establishments for the convenience of their customers or employees. In a few cases, the vending location asks for a percentage of money you earn from that location.   Many of our operators offer to pay a portion (they simply raise their prices a bit), as long as the money is used for wellness programs within the business. This is a great strategy to promote healthier choices, as well as increasing your sales.
Healthy products for your Naturals2Go vending machine don’t come from us. Unlike franchise companies, you are not bound to us for any future purchases of payments, once you start your business.
To help you buy fresh products at the best price, Naturals2Go coaches will introduce you to both large and small distribution channels for vendable products. In fact, your local health food stores also source their products from these distribution channels.
In other words, you choose what to buy, where to buy it, and you keep all the money!
Beware of companies that promise “special connections” to large suppliers. IN MOST ALL CASES, this is something you can do on your own..when you are ready. The suppliers in question require you to purchase large minimums, and often you will end up with spoiled or out dated product.
The healthy vending market is flooded with a huge variety of healthy snacks and drinks. But you have to make products selection depending on the location of the vending machine, your geographical location, and to some extent, your personal choices.
At Naturals2Go, we guide you with our best tips and strategies according to the type of locations, where you are in the country, and what our other operators have had success with.
You can place your Naturals2Go machines anywhere — in a fitness center, college campuses or in the lobby of a company with 50 to 5000 employees. Each location is different, and so are the consumers. Remember, the AirVend and NEAT software system monitors and maximizes your profits.
The AirVend system not only accepts all forms of payment, but it also keeps you connected to your machines while you are away. Simply log into your NEAT system, and see exactly what has sold in your machines, how much money is there, what you need to take to refill them, and more. Unlike our competitors, you can access your machines from any device, with no software to download!
Set up your reports to show you what you need to take with you when you go service your machines. Pre-kit your bins the night before to save time when servicing. Being a vending machine owner is not like it used to be….IT’S BETTER!
NONE!!  Unlike many healthy vending companies, we don’t charge you extra for credit card readers, bill validators, software, support, training, etc. Our business start up packages, regardless of how many machines you start with, all come with everything you need to start and succeed!
NONE!!  You will never pay Naturals2Go for licensing, trademarks or any royalties. This is YOUR BUSINESS. You keep all the money you make.
Our Naturals2Go machines are designed to be filled once a week. But, if a machine is installed in a high traffic location, it may need to be restocked sooner. Your AirVend and NEAT system will alert you to any restocking needs.
Our Naturals2Go Machine is the simplest healthy vending machine to use and service. This, combined with the ability to know exactly what you need for each machine before you get there, means it takes 20-30 minutes to fully service a healthy vending location.
In most cases, NO. Our operators are advised, in most cases, to simply use the vehicle they already have. As your business grows, you can choose to invest in a company vehicle, which is a great way to take advantage of tax breaks.
That depends on how many machines you have, and how much time you can personally devote to it. We certainly hope to see you with one or more employees at some time. One person can service multiple machines on a part-time basis, but our goal is to see you grow your business as large and as fast as you can handle.
Absolutely! Unlike the reports we see about our competitors, we will always support and coach you. That’s what we mean by Lifetime Support!  We have an experienced in-house coaching staff that will guide and help you at each step, from launching your new healthy vending business to maintaining it, no matter how long it’s been.
Every new Naturals2Go operator attends our 3 day hands on training. This is our intensive, personal, hands-on vending business training. You will learn details on all aspects of setting up, establishing, and growing your business. You will get personalized hands on training with your new Naturals2Go healthy vending machines, and you will leave training confident in your abilities.
Firstly, more is not always better. We want you to start with the optimal number of machines for your personal goals. Most of our operators do start with 5-10 machines.
With that in mind, remember that each machine is a tiny employee or profit center. The more Naturals2Go Vending machines in good locations you have, the more money you will earn.
Naturals2Go is currently assisting approximately 85% of our new operators with financing. WE ARE THE ONLY SBA APPROVED VENDING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COMPANY.
We have several options when it comes to financing your start up – just ask your personal start up consultant.
Unlike our competitors, all our machines are shipped with Door to Door service. This means that you never have to touch or move your machine until it is onsite, and ready to fill. This is especially important when you consider our machines weigh over 400 pounds.
The healthy vending business is full of tax benefits. As per the Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (2017), a new vending equipment buyer will be qualified for a tax deduction on the initial capital investment up to $500,000.  This means your entire startup investment can become a tax write off! Imagine that…the Government will help pay for you to have your own business.
Moreover, being a small business owner, you’ll get tax deductions for everyday expenses incurred in the daily operation of your company. Consult your tax advisor to maximize your tax deductions and depreciation benefits.
None! Naturals2Go has helped thousands of people just like you succeed. But, if you don’t work your business, and follow our time proven system, there is no guarantee.
Beware of any company that tells you “absolutely, you’ll succeed”! The truth is, IF you work hard, follow the program, and treat your customers right, there is every reason to believe that you will succeed.
Naturals2Go helps you with the following:
Lifetime equipment warranty
Lifetime coaching
Lifetime locating for you machines
Theft, fire, and vandalism replacement policy
Door to Door shipping and delivery
At Naturals2Go you will never feel pressured. Our competitors will offer discounts and tell you “this is a one time offer, act now”. This is a ploy to pressure you into moving forward now. We don’t have sales people, you will work with a Personal Business Start Up Consultant, that will answer all your questions, get you any information you need, and advise you on your best course of action. He/she will never pressure you to make a decision you’re not ready for.
Contact Us now to get started. Our scheduling team will reach out to you to get you started by watching our Free Online Presentation. We require all potential operators to watch the webinar, prior to speaking with a Start Up Consultant. This saves both you and us time, plus it helps you to determine whether this is the right business for you, or not.

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