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Online Influencers to Inspire Your Fitness Routine

Posted by VendTech Media - October 26, 2021
Online Influencers to Inspire Your Fitness Routine

Looking for a little motivation to get back into your fitness routine? Do you need to switch up your workout so you don’t get bored with the same old thing? Turning to online influencers can help. 

Ben Carpenter

For a scientific approach to fitness, follow Ben Carpenter. He excels at distilling scientific research to a level that can be understood by just about anyone. His feed also calls out unhealthy practices and fitness myths, so you’re getting a lot of good information by following him. Join his nearly 90,000 followers and get inspired.  

Massy Arias

With 2.6 million followers, Massy Arias is one of the biggest names in fitness, period. She’s a strong advocate for not focusing on aesthetics—fitness is about more than appearance, after all. This healthy approach has helped Massy to inspire millions of people, and she’s a great influencer to follow for your own weight-loss or fitness routine.  

Sia Cooper

Sia Cooper’s Diary of a Fit Momma is a great source of inspiration, especially if you’re on a personal fitness and weight-loss journey. Cooper is a personal trainer who frequently posts reality checks to demonstrate that Instagram and real life are often quite different. You’ll also learn crucial information on how to train specific body parts.  

Tom Kemp

Are you someone who likes to work out outdoors, rather than in a stuffy gym? Tom Kemp is the fitness expert to follow. The founder of Farm Fitness in the English countryside, he teaches how to get fit using hay bales, barrels, ropes, and other standard equipment. The frequent images and videos that Tom posts will serve as a great inspiration for you, whether you like to exercise indoors or out.  

Bradley Simmonds

Celebrity personal trainer and fitness magazine columnist Bradley Simmonds is another great influencer to follow for fitness inspiration. He posts inspirational content to help motivate you, as well as workout ideas and the occasional healthy recipe.  

Get Inspired on Instagram

For all of the negativity that sometimes surrounds social media, following fitness influencers is a positive step for your personal fitness goals. After all, the whole point is to influence you to work out and be healthy!  

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