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New Fit Pick Healthy Vending Program Unveiled by NAMA

Posted by Al Goldsmith - April 9, 2014

Fit Pick, a popular healthy vending program established by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), receives new guidelines and features today, according to attendees of the NAMA OneShow 2014.


The vending industry is proud to stand behind its set of nutritional values and guidelines that make it easier for vending machine consumers to understand the nutritional information related to each purchase option. With the increasing popularity of vending machines being placed throughout the country, understanding the value of each snack or drink’s potential benefit or detriment is very important.

These new standards and guidelines align with First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to promote better childhood nutrition through the updating of the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools standards. “We are proud to offer healthy and natural vending business opportunities to people who are as passionate about better living as we are,” says Randy Francis, President and CEO of Vend Tech International. “When you see the country and the industry moving so solidly towards the direction and belief that we’ve held for some time, you know that you’re doing right by the communities we are involved with.”

The new Fit Pick standards changes include:
» Nutrition standards: Fit Pick for workplaces has adopted new nutrition guidelines, featuring absolute value requirements that are easy for operators and consumers to understand. Fit Pick Select for schools, hospitals and other locations has adopted the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrient standards, helping ensure the program is approved in all health-oriented settings. SEE CHARTS BELOW
» An online Nutrition & Wellness Center at
» Revised program materials. Improved sticker and clings for vending machines, micro markets and cafeterias, among other marketing materials, are available.
» Fit Pick brand guidelines.
» Nutrition experts: To explain the new guidelines, NAMA has assembled a Nutrition Advisory Council of outside nutrition experts and influencers from leading universities and health organizations. The association also has added a frontline perspective with NAMA’s Healthy Vending and Micro Market Leadership Committee’s input.
» Updated graphics.
New FitPick® Nutrition Standards Per Package (Non-Schools)
Note: the values listed are the upper limit and as calories decrease, the allowances for fat and sugar decrease accordingly.
FitPick SELECT Meets New Smart Snacks in School Standards
In addition to the above nutrient standards, any food sold in schools must meet at least one of the following four criteria:
» Be a “whole grain-rich” grain product;
» Have as the first ingredient a fruit, a vegetable, a dairy product, or a protein food;
» Be a combination food that contains at least ¼ cup fruit and / or vegetable;
» Contain 10% of the Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient of one of the nutrients of public health concern in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (calcium, potassium, vitamin D, or dietary fiber).*

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