NAYAX & DCSMachine Management

Manage your business from anywhere! Always stay informed and in control of your healthy vending business.

Staying informed about your business is critical. The NAYAX DCS machine management software system allows you to know, manage, and control all aspects of your business from any device, anywhere. Unlike other vending machine owners, you don’t have to go to a machine to know what’s happening there. You don’t have to sort through or create dozens of spreadsheets, and you don’t have to download any special software.

The DCS machine management software is a high power cloud based system that allows you to access all of it’s important features from any location, on any internet connected device. Keep informed and keep in control of your business!

N2Go and Nayax Team up to be your vending machine business powerhouse management system

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Product Freedom – This is your business, and you decide what you want to sell. With the DCS system, you have the freedom and control to upload your own product choices with images. No limits on how many different products you can upload…it’s your business!Always Pre-Kit – Know exactly what products need to be restocked at every machinE…before you leave your home.

Revenue Analysis – Your DCS machine management software allows you to analyze your business, down to each individual machine and even product, in order to maximize your revenue and profit!

Cloud Based Software –Access your DCS system from any device, anywhere, anytime. No software to download, and no dedicated computer needed.

Mobile App Included –As a Naturals2Go operator, we know you have a busy lifestyle. NAYAX provides free access to their MOMA (Mobile Management) App to keep you informed. Created to work on any mobile device, MOMA gives you real time data, and tools to manage your business from anywhere, anytime.Loyalty Programs –Set up custom loyalty programs to reward regular customers, or partner with locations to reward employees. Loyalty programs are proven to increase sales. Set up loyalty programs right from your DCS dashboards.

PrePaid Cards –Use prepaid cards as giveaways, or partner with locations to reward employees. Get creative with your business and increase sales. All loyalty and prepaid purchases are easily tracked from your DCS dashboards.

Customer Purchase App – The Monyx app from NAYAX works on any smart phone and allows customers to go totally cash free with your machines. All Monyx purchases are easily tracked from your DCS dashboards.

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