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Maintenance Checklist for Vending Machines

Posted by VendTech Media - May 16, 2023
Maintenance Checklist for Vending Machines

Almost any equipment, from vehicles to large power tools and everything in between, benefits from regular maintenance. Your vending machines are an investment – and you need to think of them as just that. Maintaining them properly is the best way to avoid problems before they happen, ensuring consistent revenue and keeping your customers happy all year round. 


Here are our top maintenance tips for your vending machines: 

Place Machines Properly

The first thing to remember when it comes to keeping your machines performing well is that placement matters – literally. First, try to avoid placing your machines in direct sunlight, as this can lead to overheating, which will wear out components faster, as well as UV discoloration. Also, be sure that machines are positioned level on the ground. Internal mechanisms are more likely to break when a machine is out of balance. Last but not least, ensure machines stay at least four inches away from any walls to support airflow to the back and sides of the machines. This further reduces the chance of overheating and broken components.  

Clean Machines Regularly

Our next maintenance tip is one of the simplest: Keep your machines clean. Wipe down your machines regularly and sanitize touch surfaces to remove bacteria. Use a compressed air canister or a microfiber cloth to clean your machines and their components. Focus on areas like: 


    • Condenser coils 
    • Bill validators 
    • Coin units
    • Delivery mechanisms 

Use a Surge Protector

It’s always advisable to plug your machines into a surge protector rather than simply plugging them into a power strip. This ensures protection for the electronic components that keep your vending machines running. Most surge protectors have a reset button or switch; be sure to test the surge protector every few months to ensure it is still working correctly.  

Need Help with Machine Maintenance?

We’ve got you covered. Naturals2Go offers full-service tech support to help answer your questions when experiencing a problem, ensuring that your machines continue to run smoothly. Plus, we cover all the basis during your hands-on training, so you’re set up to know everything you need when it comes to placing, maintaining, and running your vending machines. 


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