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Location, Location, Location: The Most Profitable Places to Put Your Vending Machine

Posted by VendTech Media - February 16, 2021
Location, Location, Location: The Most Profitable Places to Put Your Vending Machine

The old real estate adage — location, location, location — is as true for the placement of vending machines as it is for the housing market. Visibility is absolutely central to the success of your business! Let’s take a look at some of the most profitable places to put your vending machines and why they work.



Although more people are working at home now thanks to the pandemic, plenty of people are still heading into the office every day. There’s a lot of foot traffic as employees come into the office in the morning, leave in the evening, and take breaks throughout the day. And some of them may not have the time to head out and grab lunch from a café or restaurant. That’s where your machines come in.

Apartment Complexes

People are coming and going from apartment complex almost 24 hours a day. And there’s plenty of great locations within these complexes to place your machines — lobbies, laundry areas, common rooms, playgrounds and courtyards, etc. Providing people with a wide selection of products to choose from as they’re coming or going from home is sure to be profitable.


It might seem counterintuitive to place vending machines in a grocery store or supermarket, but the exact opposite is true. People tend to get hungry and thirsty while they’re shopping, especially when they’re surrounded by food. Putting one or more vending machines near the entrance is a great way to drive business. Plus, supermarket employees need a way to grab a quick snack during their breaks.

Universities and Schools

Students are busy almost every day of the week, and a quick, healthy meal on-the-go is ideal for many of them. That’s why placing your vending machines in common areas at colleges and universities is a profitable decision. And as more and more students across the country return to in-person learning, you’re poised to take advantage while giving students a zero-contact, safely distanced way to grab snacks, meals, or beverages.

Shopping Centers

More and more shopping centers and malls are opening up. And people get hungry when they’re shopping. Give them an option besides the food court — try putting a few vending machines at the entrance or exits.


Placement is Everything

Want to learn more about the best locations for your vending machines? You’re not alone. We can help you scout the best placement options in your area. Contact Naturals2Go to learn more and get support for your healthy vending business.


And be sure to watch our video about our Lifetime Locating service:








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