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Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 4

Posted by VendTech Media - March 20, 2023
Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 4

Are you wondering if owning and operating a Naturals2Go vending machine is the right career for you? We’ve gathered a couple more success stories from real-life vending machine operators nationwide to inform and inspire you. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series for even more operator profiles. 

Bob Larsen

Hailing from New York, Bob has nearly five decades of business experience under his belt, having worked in business development, planning, and operations since 1974. In addition, Bob has either owned or managed five different successful businesses. Bob added “Naturals2Go Owner-Operator” to his impressive resume in 2013, and now focuses full-time on managing the 20 machines that make up his vending business. 


Bob recently expressed his appreciation for the freedom and flexibility allowed to him through partnering with Naturals2Go. “What I like most is, I get to set my own schedule daily,” he said. 

Bill Reinke

Who could have guessed that a casual nickname would have paved the way for a successful vending business? That’s exactly what happened for Bill and his wife Amy, who were dubbed “rose sniffers” while hiking the Appalachian Trail over 20 years ago. While many other hikers sped ahead, Bill and Amy preferred to stop and smell the roses along the way. 


In 2021, the couple channeled this charming legacy into a new business venture: RoseSniffers Vending. Over the course of their first year, Bill and Amy expanded their business to include 29 Naturals2Go machines—including the MVP-10UV and the MVP-10CP models—centered around the Gettysburg, PA, area. While Bill and Amy’s eclectic career paths brought a variety of skills and talents to the table, they believe the most important business assets are a desire to serve others and a willingness to work hard. 


In preparation for launching RoseSniffers Vending, Bill was able to speak with a number of references, and he looks forward to supporting other prospective operators in their own Naturals2Go journeys. 

Take the Next Steps with Naturals2Go 

Are you ready to join these inspiring Naturals2Go owner-operators with your own vending machine business? Our on-site location services, lifetime professional coaching, and other great support programs ensure you’ll have all the tools necessary to build, grow, and scale a successful operation. Get in touch with our team today to get started! 

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