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Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 3

Posted by HMG CopySEO - February 16, 2023
Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 3

Want to know what it’s like to serve as a healthy vending owner-operator with Naturals2Go? We’ve seen examples in the previous installments of our series highlighting our talented operators – find even more success stories below.  

Rob Pastor

After a 26-year stint in investment banking, largely on Wall Street and including a four-year stint in London, Rob started with 9 Naturals2Go machines in 2014 and is now the proud owner of 13 machines. He’s also part of our on-site locating (OSL) team. “If the plan doesn’t work,” says Rob, “then change the plan – but never the goal.” 

Sammie Young

A veteran working for the federal government full-time, Sammie began his vending business in May of 2019. He currently has a total of 9 MVP machines and plans on adding 10 more upon his retirement from the government. Then, he plans on hiring someone, stepping back, and managing the machines into the sunset! Sammie says that he “considers running the business as easy as baking a pie!” He is enthusiastic about helping other owner-operators succeed. “If you don’t purchase, start, and run your own business,” Sammie says, “then who will? The time is NOW!” 

Jay Silva

In early 2018, Jay launched his Naturals2Go vending business, Silva Snacks, with 10 machines. In January of 2020, he added five more MVP-10CP machines and has now grown the business to 20 machines! 

Bret Loman

Bret spent nearly 25 years in the broadcasting industry when he left television to start a new full-time job – and start his healthy vending business on the side. Bret admits he found his new venture to be challenging at times, but in the end, he also found it to be extremely rewarding. He purchased 8 machines in June 2016 and has been going strong ever since. Bret wants other operators to know what a major life decision it is to become a Naturals2Go operator, and he’s excited to offer any assistance and advice to others that he can. 


Interested in Becoming an Owner-Operator?

With services like on-site locating and lifetime coaching, Naturals2Go is your support system for success. Contact our team to learn more about becoming an owner-operator.

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