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Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 2

Posted by VendTech Media - January 23, 2023
Life as a Naturals2Go Vending Owner-Operator: Part 2

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own and operate a healthy vending machine business? Sometimes, hearing it directly from those who do it is the best way to learn. In Part 1, we met several successful vending operators from around the country. Let’s dive in and meet even more of Naturals2Go’s great operators: 

Tina Paine

Tina’s favorite part of her work is providing healthy options to her community. She first became a Naturals2Go owner in September of 2013 when she worked full-time as a Regulatory Managing Director at a large institutional bank. In early 2019, she decided to take the leap and focus on her healthy vending business full-time. Wicked Healthy Vending has grown to a 46-machine lineup and is preparing to purchase more soon.  


Tina currently has three part-time employees and operates her business out of a warehouse location. She also serves as an independent director on Vend Tech International’s Board of Directors, and is also a director on the Massachusetts Vending Association’s Board of Directors. 

Michael Rayburn

Michael joined the United States Navy directly out of high school in 1998 and retired in 2018. During this time, he traveled to 23 countries and earned a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s in Business Administration. Michael launched his Naturals2Go business in December of 2018 and currently operates 11 MVP-10CP machines. He recently purchased a franchise business to run as well. “I will be using my Naturals2Go machines for free advertising of my new business,” he says. “This can only be done because of the cutting-edge technology on the MVP machine.”  

Jim Kendall

Jim’s Oklahoma-based healthy vending operation is his third successful business venture. “Life is a flash in the pan,” says Jim. “Make yours sparkle.” 


Jim started his Naturals2Go business in late 2020 with 4 MVP-UVend technology machines. In March of 2022, he added two more machines and hopes to have between 16 and 20 machines up and running by the end of 2023. His ultimate goal is to retire from the corporate world and dive fully into his new healthy vending endeavor.  

Erich Overhardt

Erich is “Head Honcho” at Nourish Healthy Vending (NHV), LLC, and also serves as an independent director on Vend Tech International’s Board of Directors. NHV is co-owned by Erich’s business partner Michele Marron (also known as “Vendress Extraordinaire”), who also serves as a coach for VendTech International.  


The pair purchased 12 MVP-10CP machines in October 2018 and had their first placements in January of the following year via Naturals2Go’s on-site locating (OSL) program. Now, Erich and Michele have 17 MVP machines and three satellites in 14 locations for a total of 20 machines. They hope to grow to 50 machines or more in the future! 

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