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How to Scale a Vending Machine Business

Posted by VendTech Media - August 19, 2020
How to Scale a Vending Machine Business

One of the great things about the vending machine industry is that it’s very scalable. Ready to take on more responsibility and grow your business? You can put steps in place in order to do that. And with minimal investment and just a little bit of legwork, you can scale your vending business up and start seeing the payoff in no time at all.


Use these tips to scale up your vending business and grow your profits:


Add More Locations

The obvious way to scale up your vending business is to add more vending machines in varied locations. And if you can do that in locations that prove to be highly trafficked, you’ll see success without putting in a huge amount of effort. Adding even one or two extra machines in great locations — warehouses, business or industrial parks, universities, etc. — can make a huge difference in your overall revenue.

Offer New Products

Remaining stagnant with what you’re offering in your vending machines isn’t a good business practice. Offering new and exciting products, on the other hand, means that you’re enticing your customers. It may be a good idea to keep a base of products that sell the best and switch other products that don’t sell as well in and out to try and experiment. That way, you can continue offering new products without getting rid of your big sellers.

Upgrade Your Machines

Have you ever considered investing in your machines themselves in order to drive up business? In addition to routine maintenance and necessary repairs, you might consider upgrading your machines with touchless pay technology — especially valuable as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic! — or mobile app compatibility. These upgrades can make your machines more attractive to consumers and ultimately grow your profits.

Serve Niche Markets

There are plenty of vending machines for customers to choose from that offer the standard sodas, chips, and snacks. When you go beyond that and serve more niche markets, you can find a lot of success. Healthy vending is, of course, the perfect option — consumers are looking for ready-to-eat, easily portable, and healthy meals that they don’t have to feel guilty about. You can provide that. Other options for niche vending options include breakfast foods, juice, fresh fruits and veggies, and items that are organic, GMO-free, vegan, or adhere to a certain diet like the Keto diet, for example.


Ready to Scale Up Your Business?

When you partner with Naturals2Go, you don’t have to figure out how to scale up your business all by yourself. We offer Professional Lifetime Coaching that makes it easy for you to place your machines, ask any questions you may have, and maintain and grow your business as time goes on. There’s no time to waste — get in touch today!

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