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How to Clean Your Vending Machine

Posted by VendTech Media - May 23, 2023
How to Clean Your Vending Machine

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your vending machines running properly, and we’ve covered some tips in a recent post. Let’s look at one of the most essential tips: Keeping your machine clean.


Cleaning a vending machine isn’t as hard as you might think. Below, we’ve outlined five simple steps to make cleaning your vending machines a breeze. 

Step 1: Turn Your Machine Off

Always turn off and unplug your vending machine before beginning any kind of cleaning routine. It’s unsafe to work on equipment that is plugged in and has an electrical charge.  

Step 2: Remove Product

Next, remove all products from the interior of the vending machine. Since you’ll be using cleaning supplies and chemicals, you don’t want to risk any food or drink product becoming contaminated. Store your products securely where they won’t spoil while they’re out of the machine. 

Step 3: Clean Interior

Once you’ve emptied all product trays, wipe down the trays and dispensing mechanisms with a cleaning solution and a damp cloth. Remove all residue to ensure everything is clean and functions properly.  

Step 4: Clean Exterior

Wipe down the exterior of your machine with a clean, damp cloth. Use a sanitizing solution on frequently touched areas, such as the buttons, dispensing tray, dollar bill, and coin collectors. Use a glass cleaner solution to clean the window of the machine.  


During this stage, it’s wise to vacuum or sweep the area around the vending machine. Remember: customers don’t want to order snacks or drinks in a dirty area. Keeping the vicinity clean and tidy makes your machines much more attractive and likely to be used.  

Step 5: Reassemble and Test

Once everything is clean and dry, you can return your products to the machine and reassemble it. Then, it’s always a good idea to test the machine once you’ve plugged it back in to ensure everything is working properly.  

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