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High-Tech Healthy Vending Machines Are the New Growth Business Opportunity

Posted by VendTech Media - November 20, 2019

When you think of a vending machine, what kind of foods and beverages do you picture? Chips, cookies, candy, soda… junk foods like these are all that you used to be able to find when you visited your office’s vending corner for an afternoon snack. Today, there’s a new business opportunity in the world of vending machines: healthy vending. It’s a booming industry, and technology is only helping it grow.


Healthy vending machines are high-tech as ever, thanks to advancements in both kiosk technology and vending machine tech itself. Many healthy vending machines operate via touch screen. There is also a social media component to healthy vending, as users can use an app to operate the machine. Some machines even use facial recognition technology to recognize repeat users!

Franchisees of healthy vending machines can advertise through their machines, and the tech also allows them to track buying trends, remotely monitor their inventory, and even educate consumers on healthy snacking.

Consumers Want Healthy Snacks

Aside from the ease and convenience of healthy vending, there’s another reason why the industry is so successful: it’s in high demand. Now more than ever, consumers don’t want to fill up on salty, high-fat snacks that bog them down. Healthier snack choices have proven extremely successful in a variety of settings: offices, schools, industrial locations, hospitals, and more.

The Industry Isn’t Slowing Down

The healthy vending machine industry is a $42 billion industry that shows no signs of slowing down — as vending machine technology continues to advance and consumers keep looking for convenient but healthy snack choices, entrepreneurs are poised to make the most of this booming industry.

Your Next Business Opportunity

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