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What Healthy Snacks Should You Be Including in Your Vending Machine?

Posted by VendTech Media - June 13, 2018

The vending machine business has changed drastically in the last ten years. With better technology and more particular clientele, vending machines branched out from the basics of chips and chocolate-covered candies. Growing in popularity are healthy vending machines and they’re popping up in more places than just the gym.

The Rise of Healthy Vending Machines

Office workers and moms alike are thankful for the option to purchase a healthy snack on the go and vending machines are beginning to fill that need for America’s public. Consumers are willing to pay more than 50 cents for a snack, and with debit or credit card functionality, coins or bills are not a limiting factor for purchasing these healthy treats.

Everyone knows that healthier food fuel means better productivity, happier people, and greater overall health of the general public. Sure, this sounds too good to be true, but when people are given the chance to eat healthy snacks, they often will seize that opportunity.

You Should Offer These Healthy Snacks in Your Vending Machine

So what healthy snacks should you include in your vending machine? Depending on your particular machine, location, and clientele, the answers may vary. But, here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Healthy Yet Familiar

Sometimes, when consumers hit up the vending machine, they want a traditional snack from a vending machine. So consider carrying a healthier alternative snack food treat like organic or vegan cookies and popped or baked chips.

Nutritious & Refreshing

There’s a wide variety of juices, waters, and even shakes that you can offer in your vending machine that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will satisfy your snackers while giving them valuable fuel for their day.

Snack Bars that Raise the Bar

There are a ton of snack bars on the market. Choose the ones that are packed with protein and can cater to a variety of dietary needs (like vegan or gluten-free). Since most healthy snack bar companies cater to these populations, it won’t be hard to find a bar that your consumers will enjoy!

Ready to Succeed with Your Healthy Vending Business?

If you are looking to add healthy vending to your business portfolio, contact Naturals2Go.

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