Attitudes Toward Healthy Snacks

Society is Shifting Views on Healthy Eating

More and more Americans are making healthy food decisions. Public awareness, scientific research, and better options are encouraging people to incorporate wholesome foods into their diets. Healthy snack attitudes are playing a big part in this societal shift.

Healthy Snack Attitudes

In a recent survey, respondents revealed that they snack because of cravings 62% of the time. Add to this the fact that more than 90% of Americans report that they snack at least once per day.

This snacking trend is partially due to conventional wisdom that encourages several smaller meals a day rather than three large ones. The good news is that people are making healthier food decisions when choosing their snacks.

A third of the people surveyed reported trying to make smarter eating choices. In fact, 60% of respondents said they wanted better availability of healthy snack choices. These improved healthy snack attitudes could be the secret to losing weight and feeling better. Cutting out sugary snacks and items loaded with preservatives can cut hundreds of calories per day.

Healthy Food Decisions

Wanting to eat healthier and actually doing it, however, are two different things. Americans love convenience, particularly with our extra-busy lifestyles. Our snacks are prone to being unhealthy. Many packaged foods, such as candy bars and potato chips, are nutritionally void. Unfortunately, we eat them anyway whenever we’re feeling pressed for time or too tired to cook something healthy.

This is where healthy vending options come in. When wholesome selections are readily available, people are much more likely to choose them. Putting better choices at consumers’ fingertips provides the opportunity for a healthier path. And it’s beginning to pay off.

For the first time in decades, obesity rates actually are leveling off thanks to healthy food decisions becoming more common. The number of overweight and obese children and adults has not only stopped climbing, but it could actually begin to fall if the trend continues. Experts have shown that people are eating fewer calories in general, and they’re making smarter food decisions. We are consuming fewer sugary drinks compared with 10 years ago. And we’ve cut out most trans-fats from our diets.

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