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Healthy Living Habits As Told By the State of California

Posted by VendTech Media - March 13, 2020

Californians sometimes get a bad rap — after all, the state is a mecca for hippie culture, surfer dudes, and Silicon Valley moguls. But when it comes to good health, California tends to be on the leading edge. The state ranks highly when it comes to healthy people, especially considering its massive size compared to much smaller states, and is often a leader in terms of environmentally conscious regulation. So what can we learn from the example of Californian

Tobacco Regulation

By now, everyone is well aware of the dangers that smoking cigarettes poses. All the way back in 1988, the state of California approved a proposition to tax cigarettes in order to fund a tobacco control program. A decade later in 1998, they banned smoking in public areas like restaurants and buses. Many states followed suit, and California became a model for public health initiatives like those that they passed on tobacco.

Cutting Air Pollution

California has a long history of doing their part to limit air pollution. It was the first state to ban a harmful chemical used in laundromats (perchloroethylene) and prohibit lead gasoline and require smog checks. California also recently passed a rule requiring more reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and the state is also committed to putting more zero-emissions vehicles in the hands of drivers.

Good Diet and Exercise

California residents tend to practice healthier lifestyle habits — the state ranks 10th in physical activity, fourth in healthy blood pressure, and fifth for a diet with high levels of fruits and vegetables. Considering that California is home to millions of people and is far larger in terms of population than many other states, those are very good rankings! Eating right and getting regular exercise are two of the best possible ways to maintain your health for the long term, so follow the example of Californians and commit to a healthy diet and exercise.


When you live in a healthy environment, don’t smoke tobacco, and consume healthy foods and exercise regularly, you’re putting your health first. And these are only three of the many examples of the ways Californians maintain their good health. It’s time to follow their example — start taking after the residents of The Golden State and see how good you feel!

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