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Healthy Holiday Snack Alternatives

Posted by VendTech Media - December 11, 2019

The holidays will be here before you know it. For many of us, one of the greatest things about this time of year is the food. Of course, most of the options aren’t very healthy, especially when it comes to snacks and treats. Candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, fudge… they’re all delicious, but what if there were healthier options out there?


You’re in luck. Let’s take a look at some healthy holiday snack alternatives for you and your family to try this year:


Cereal and Granola Bars

Not every cereal or granola bar is a healthy choice, as some are loaded with sugar and sodium. But choosing a healthy variety makes for a great holiday snack that the whole family will love. Look for cereal or granola bars with low sugar levels and no artificial preservatives — stick with bars that have more nuts and seeds than chocolate.


Chips and Pretzels

Some chips and pretzels are considered “junk” food, but they’re not all bad. Purchasing chips that are not fried in oil or fat like regular potato chips gives you a healthier alternative. And pretzels that aren’t packed with sodium offer a filling, healthy, and portable snack.



Simply cutting up an apple or orange makes for a sweet, nutritious, and delicious snack without all the added preservatives and extra sugar. You can also try dried fruit — they’re delicious and make for a portable and delightful bite when you’re on the go during the holiday hustle and bustle.


Seeds, Nuts, and Jerky

Almost everyone enjoys snacking on a handful of nuts or seeds. They’re high in protein and healthy fats and can serve as an excellent alternative to sugary candy. Try choosing nuts like almonds, peanuts, or cashews. When it comes to jerky, look for a low-sugar, organic, and MSG-free variety, and you have yourself a delicious snack for the whole family this holiday season.


Healthy Cookies

Who said that cookies are all bad? Try selecting healthier cookie options made without excess sugar, salt, high-fructose corn syrup, and other additives. Look for cookies sweetened with coconut rather than chocolate, or made with whole grains.


Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to pack on the pounds thanks to unhealthy snacks. There are plenty of alternative, yet delicious, options out there. Start your search for healthy holiday snacks today.

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