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Government Changes Coming: What YOU Need to Know!

Posted by Al Goldsmith - July 2, 2015

Sometimes with everything that goes into looking out for your health, or running your own healthy snack business, you can forget that local or national governments may be passing laws and making new rules that will impact you. Two new changes to be aware of:
FDA & Artificial Trans Fatshadowing
A hot topic in the food industry has been artificial trans fat, and now the
government may be stepping in to help end the debate. After combing over scientific findings, the Food and Drug Administration announced on June 17th that the main source of artificial trans fats in food – partially hydrogenated oils – are not safe for humans to consume. Companies will have 3 years to make sure their products comply with the new ruling. Artificial trans fats have been on their way out already, with the FDA making a tentative ruling against them back in 2013, and more brands choosing to phase them out after being required to include information about them on labeling. Lets hear it for healthy snacking! Read more
San Francisco & Sugary Drinks
It seems like once something becomes a law in one place, it isn’t long before it becomes a rule in another, so it makes sense for those in the vending business to pay attention to what is going on across the country. Although not there yet, the California city of San Francisco is very close to requiring sugary and unhealthy drinks to not be advertised on public property, not purchased with city funds, and all advertisements for sugar-sweetened drinks must include a health warning. The Board of Supervisors for the city has passed the legislation, but it must come up for a second approval before it is official. Yet another reason to steer clear of unhealthy food products, and offer customers healthy alternatives! Read more
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