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Employers and their employees alike can appreciate these healthy vending machines because they have a large selection of healthy, yet tasty snacks, that give energy for long shifts or hard days. Plus, they work well with fitness and programs designed for wellness incentives.

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Who doesn’t love great tasting healthy snacks?

Studies continue to show that healthy snacking opportunities are well received by employees, resulting in higher morale, lower sick days, increased productivity and more. Larger companies are often encouraged to provide these snacks for free, but this isn’t always possible. Having them available through vending machines is often a next best option. Employees will enjoy having snacks that will help them through the workweek and you’ll still see plenty of benefits.

Healthy and tasty snacks are offered by many brands, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Beanitos
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Nature’s Choice
  • Cliff
  • Luna
  • Welches
  • Emily’s
  • Halo
  • Nudie’s
  • FiberOne

Find out about the options available in your area. Contact us today to discuss options with a local operator.

Naturals2Go is Great for Employers Too

You can see that employees love healthy snacks being available, and that in itself is good for you. Happy and healthy employees mean a better work environment. As employees increase productivity, this is great for your company.

All Naturals2Go machines are owned/operated by small business owners local to your community. They work their routes, and treat their customers like family. They receive the best training and support from Naturals2Go, and their machines have industry leading technology, which is great for you.

Most importantly, it costs you absolutely nothing to have one or more Naturals2Go machines placed in your location. The machines are provided free of cost to you, for the betterment of your employees and/or customers.

Why Choose Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machines?

Naturals2Go offers high demand machines that are popular because of a number of the following features:

  • All Payment options available
  • Real time remote monitoring
  • Variety within snack selection
  • ADA compliance
  • Can cater to specific health conditions
  • Programmable to have coupons or discount features
  • Custom branded pre-pay cards available
  • Controlled access system – lock machine during work hours
  • Easy load for operator makes for quick changes and no interruption in the day for employees.

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