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Unveiling the Future of Snacking

Posted by VendTech Media - April 30, 2024
Unveiling the Future of Snacking

Mondelēz International recently released their annual State of Snacking report – and for the first time, the report came with an extended “Future Trends” addition. Let’s explore some of the highlights and predictions for the future of snacking. 

#1: Demographics are shifting.

The world’s population is growing. People are living longer. Fertility rates are declining. Migration is intensifying. All of these trends and more affect how people eat – and snack. 


        • 68% of consumers over the age of 58 are snacking to pamper, spoil, or reward themselves. 
        • Smaller and single-person households will continue to drive demand for single-serve snacks and easy-to-prepare options. 
        • Snacks will feature a wider variety of global flavors, as global migration intensifies and “digital native” generations like Gen Z become mainstream consumers. 

#2: Lifestyles are changing.

Snacks provide flexibility and convenience for today’s busy consumers, and “snackification” is on the rise. In fact, about six in 10 consumers prefer having smaller meals or snacks during the day instead of a few large ones. In today’s world, snacks that provide an easy, convenient way to enjoy something healthy and fulfilling are preferred over junk foods.  

#3: People care about the environment – and DEI.

Today’s consumers are well aware that the choices they make – including their food and snack choices – have an impact on the planet. The Future Trends report highlights some of the areas that are most important to customers, including: 


        • Sustainable/ethical sourcing 
        • Plant-based and alternative ingredients 
        • Environmentally friendly packaging 
        • Food waste reduction 


Additionally, consumers are more conscious of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion than ever before. Snacks that come from companies that champion DEI will do better than those that don’t. 

#4: Health and wellness are more important than ever.

Modern life is stressful. For many people, maintaining health and wellness is vitally important, including when it comes to diet, food choices, and snacks. The report finds that 43% of global consumers check product ingredients while shopping, and 42% snack to take care of their body and nutritional needs. To put it simply, the healthy snacking trend isn’t going anywhere – it’s only growing. 

#5: People are prioritizing the joy of experiences.

74% of consumers say the novelty of flavor and texture combinations are important when choosing a snack. People are putting a renewed focus on actually enjoying the things they consume, including snacks. As time goes on, this will drive further innovations in flavor profiles and presentation of snack foods, because people are prioritizing experiences over possessions. 

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