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Franchise Dictionary Magazine – On Your Mark, Get Set & Grow With a Winning Brand

Posted by HMG CopySEO - July 8, 2024
Innovative Revenue Streams: Exploring Non-Traditional Food Products for Vending Machines

Naturals2Go was once again featured in Franchise Dictionary Magazine. In the July, 2024 article, several Naturals2Go Owner-Operators share their direct experiences in starting, running and scaling their own vending machine businesses.


The article shares several great stories of motivated entrepreneurs that found the support they needed to grow successful businesses:


“The entire Naturals2Go team is amazing and easy to work with. They provide full support, from ordering machines, machine training, finding locations and ongoing help during operations.”

-Joshua Greene

“Being retired from my full-time job, I wanted something to do that would not interfere with my retired lifestyle.”

-Stan Johnson

“They are awesome and a highly ethical company. They provide great training, help set up your online accounts, web presence and social media, and they helped me locate my vending units.”

-Pam Chaudhury


Start Your Own Business Today

If you’re ready to start writing your own entrepreneurial story, we’re here to help. Learn more about starting your own vending business with Naturals2Go.


Here is the full article:



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