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Finding a “New Normal” Fitness Routine

Posted by VendTech Media - June 11, 2020
Finding a “New Normal” Fitness Routine

It goes without saying that recent world events have changed our daily lives in a myriad of ways. Fitness is one of them – it’s a safe bet that your fitness routine has been forced to adjust these last few months. Those who love going to the gym have had a rough go of it, as gyms and workout facilities have been forced to shutter until social distancing restrictions ease and it’s safe to gather again.


So what can you do to build a new fitness routine? Here are a few suggestions:


Exercise At Home

The obvious choice for fitness during a time like this is to exercise at home. You can lift free weights in your basement; do push-ups and sit-ups on the living room floor; use a stationary bike to get that cardio workout in. If it helps, move some furniture aside in a particular room and designate it as your “home gym” for a few months. Make a point to get a workout in on a regular basis, even if the schedule is modified a bit from your normal routine. It’s okay to adjust things a little bit – after all, these are unprecedented times.

Use the Great Outdoors

Remember that you have the great outdoors at your disposal. While it may be tough to socially distance depending on where you live and what your neighborhood is like, you almost certainly have some open space nearby that you could use to exercise in. Even if you can’t go for a jog in a local park or around your block, simply doing some aerobics in your backyard can do wonders for your physical health and mental well-being. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air!

Have an Accountability Partner

Let’s face it: it can be very difficult to muster up the motivation to work out regularly during times like these, especially if you’re working at home and aren’t able to go to the gym. It can be very helpful to have an accountability partner to keep you on track. That person could be your partner, a friend, a family member or neighbor, or just about anyone else. It could even be a reminder on your phone! Having that accountability on a regular basis can help you make this new routine a habit.

Don’t Give Up

It’s not easy to adjust to a new way of living. And your fitness routine may be one of the first causalities. But as you implement a new fitness routine, stick with it as best you can – if you give up, you’ll just have to start all over!

Start Your New Routine Today

There’s no time like the present to get started on a “new normal” when it comes to your fitness. Buckle down and start your new routine today.

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