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Eat Your Way Through A Vending Machine

Posted by VendTech Media - January 17, 2019
Eat Your Way Through A Vending Machine


You have seen a vending machine. Who hasn’t? Very rarely you will come across someone who hasn’t seen this fantastic scientific invention. So every time you have those unexpected hunger pangs, just look  to  find a vending machine in the vicinity. Just enter some money and grab a snack.


Interestingly, not many people know that an Egyptian mathematician and engineer, Hero of Alexandria, built the first vending machine somewhere between 30 AD and 70 AD. Hero invented a lever mechanism that counterbalanced to deliver holy water after inserting a coin. Today, from novelty items to food, jewelry to necessities, vending machines have come of age. It has reinvented the way people buy goods.


The immense popularity of the vending machines is due to its convenience. Vending machines are in hospital corridors, offices, schools, restrooms, and bus terminals. The only prerequisite is that the place should have foot population. Busy people around these places will flock the vending machines the most. There is nothing you won’t like about the device. These machines are everywhere. They are found anywhere and with items at an affordable price. The time doesn’t seem far off when you these vending machines will take over the fast food chains and convenience stores.


Modern era vending machines have been around for long time as well, the first modern machine was created in 1880 in London. These are even said to be the precursors of pinball and slot machines. Advancement in technology has made the vending machines far better than they were at the time of their inception. It has boosted the vending machine business, too. As demand for these increases, the vendors are motivated to offer new things properly. Henceforth, if you are planning to buy or rent a machine, verify with the local companies before sealing the deal.


Just be aware of the company you choose to buy from. Not all the machines will be of high quality. Meanwhile, apart from the convenience and accessibility, one must ensure the kind of products put inside the machine. There are so many machines that carry just soda and junk foods. These are ideal for selling due to their long shelf life but are the worst nutrition option. They have a poor affect on health. People nowadays are drifting towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. The demand for healthy vending machines is increasing. People want their favorite meals dispensed from vending machines. It can vary from sandwiches to all kinds of hot and cold meals. It has started happening already.


A healthier option is a revolutionary concept in a fast food world. It is the next big thing on the food scene. There is something for everyone, from toddlers and kids to adults and the elderly, people can revel in the eateries to solve their hunger pangs. These include Granola bars, Tuna salad kit, Popcorn, chocolate milk, trail mix and so on.  Yes, healthy machine vendors are providing these options and are an essential part of the whole chain.



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