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Do I Need a Permit to Place a Vending Machine?

Posted by VendTech Media - May 7, 2021
Do I Need a Permit to Place a Vending Machine?

The healthy vending machine business is booming, and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed it down. Entrepreneurs are in a perfect position to capitalize on the success of the healthy vending market. And placing your machines in the right areas makes all the difference. Of course, you can’t just pick a spot and put a machine there and call it a day. There are permits and certifications that may be required before you can operate a vending machine in a certain area.


Let’s take a look at some general recommendations to follow regarding permits when placing your vending machines:


Check your local and state ordinances.

There are certain state permits and licenses that you may need to acquire before operating a vending machine business and placing your machines in certain areas. The same goes for local municipalities. Since you’re operating a business in these areas, and a business based around food at that, it’s likely you’ll need certain permissions. Your best bet is to do your research on state and local licensing requirements — visit the SBA’s license and permits page for help with your state’s requirements.

Check the federal requirements.

Keep in mind that there are also federal regulations on what can be packaged and sold as food. The Food and Drug Administration has various guidelines and requirements when it comes to starting a food business, so be sure to do your research. If you fail to adhere to certain permits, licenses, and other requirements, you might have to pay hefty fines, or the government may even be forced to shut your business down.

Get help from Naturals2Go.

If obtaining permits and licenses in your local, state, and federal area seems like a hassle, there’s no need to worry. Naturals2Go is here to help you at every step. We’re your one-stop-shop for getting your business off the ground and running. Plus, we help with locating your machines; you can take advantage of our lifetime locating service!


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