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Why Having Your Own Business is Better than Signing on with a Franchise

Posted by VendTech Media - July 25, 2018

If you are looking to get out on your own or be your own boss, you may be asking yourself whether or not you should buy a franchise. This is a common question for budding entrepreneurs.

Yes, owning a franchise will give you some job leadership and freedom that you are looking for as an entrepreneur. However, it’s definitely not the same as starting your own business. In fact, purchasing a franchise might be a very expensive mistake that can be hard to bounce back from if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur.

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Buying a Franchise

Franchises are a tempting idea when you are looking to work for yourself. You envision working for an established brand that has a lot of the hard work, like research and licenses, all done for you. All you need to do is sell the product or service. But, in truth, it’s really not that easy.

Buying a franchise is expensive, plus you have regular fees.

One of the traits of an entrepreneur is his or her ability to be frugal while building a successful business. Buying a franchise comes at a huge cost and is often more expensive than the early entrepreneur has to invest immediately. In addition to a high price tag just to get started, a franchise has regular fees and royalties that you must pay back the company. This means that a portion of your profits go right back to the franchiser. When you are trying to build a profitable business and comfortable lifestyle, this can be a major letdown.

Creative minds aren’t welcome.

If you buy a franchise, you must do everything that they want. You cannot adjust the product line, the decor of the building or store, or any seasonal promotion. You might have amazing ideas, but that doesn’t matter. You must carry out the company’s vision instead of your own. In fact, you aren’t truly your own boss and this is a common misconception.

You can succeed within boundaries.

As an entrepreneur, you have ideas to change your own world and live out your dreams. If you buy and run a franchise, you are limited to how you can achieve this success. In addition, a franchise can only grow up to a certain point. Once you reach that level, you must look at purchasing another franchise, or just stay complacent.

Start Your Own Business Today

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